Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally Friday

Another week has gone by.....lots of things accomplished and more things planned!

Max has several people interested in adopting him and we should know by next week who the lucky person is! Max did well at the schooling show last Sunday, we were very proud of him. Tomorrow he gets his feet trimmed and de-wormed, so he is ready to go. We are very fond of Max and will feel sad for us, but happy for him! Every horse deserves a great home and a person to dote on him. We have to remember that that is our ultimate goal...our sadness has to take a back seat.

Cooper has a pending adoption and will go on a trial next week. Keep your fingers crossed! A vetting is planned and things look good!

I am blessed to have really great friends in my life and folks who help me. Thank you to Meghan M. (M & M Dressage) for riding/legging up Max for us, thank you Sarah W. for organizing our adoptathon and taking Louie on a vacation...thank you to Susy for helping with the tack sale, thank you to Cutter Creek for taking such great care of guys rock.....I couldn't do this without any of you guys.

I am trying to find time to get my own horse out and worked....Winston spent six months last year with Beth Anderson Ness and actually became a riding horse, rather than a stall ornament. He was always pretty to look at, but a tendency to be silly and very green around the edges. He is a rather sensitive guy and I wanted to get some training on him without turning him into a nervous wreck. He is a horse that cannot be manhandled or forced. He can be rambunctious, fractious and lacks an attention span most that is a big order for most trainers...and did I mention he is HUGE? Enter Beth Anderson Ness....Starr Valley Farms.... Beth is a longtime friend of mine and a great rider. She and Winston hit it off like a match made in heaven. I was very pleased with his training, he was brought along safely, with patience and tolerance. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very particular about who handles/trains my horses (including our rescues) I don't stand for rough handling, excessive use of the whip or working a horse to exhaustion. My big boy became a floaty dressage horse. Beth rode him through his ADD spells without batting an eye. There were times I visibly sucked my breath in when he "spooked"...but Beth just stayed with him and did not let it become a big deal. I also rode him some, but he really became Beth's horse....I tried to leave him there (as in permanently) because he really should be Beth's horse!They are such a beautiful picture together! Anyway, I had to eventually bring him home and he has mostly just sat around ...eating and torturing volunteers in the barn with his camel face antics. Time to go back to work Winston...Auntie Beth is asking after you....Ride and Review.....May 14th. Here we go! See you soon Beth.

I will take time to thank Cam Reeves also.......Cam gets Pony Up horses who lack any history on their riding skills or lack thereof....we send him everything. Poor Cam...he doesn't know if he gets a bucking bronco, a demon or an angel. I am always glad to see the Reeves family and I always know that when a horse comes home from Cam, it comes with a solid foundation (they lead, tie, bathe, walk, trot, canter)Thans you Cam for never saying no...and giving our horses the same chance as big dollar horses. You ROCK!

Thank you to Chalice Farms for allowing our motley crew of horses on your beautiful premises for our was very kind of you and we appreciate it. See you at the Ride and Review on the will be a fun day!

Tomorrow we have our tack sale from 9am to 3pm......lots of stuff, from halters, to bridles, to saddles, pads, shoes, girths......come and see what we have.....a LARGE assortment of english bits! A pony saddle too!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Don't rain on someone else's parade.

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