Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steal away Saturday

Up early to the barn, trying to outwit the local eagle and the local hawk, who now see the Pony UP farm as a "fast food chicken place". Five of my hens are gone...poof.. SOOOOOOO, we decided that the chickens cannot run free any longer or else they will all be gone. Susy, Ryan and I worked on some fencing and a new coop to keep them safer....I will let you know how it goes. Chickens were not impressed with the new residence...not one bit. We had to clip wings and then put them bodily to bed tonight.
and then....we had our big day at Chalice Farms to show off our Pony Up horses. Long day but very productive.....thanks to Lea of Chalice Farms and her crew.....and thanks to all my friends who helped today.....Sarah, Jessie,Brenda, Hannah, Ryan, Susy, Barb, Kathy.......I couldn't have done it by myself...thank you so much for loving these horses! The exciting news is that Cooper is broke! We didn't know it...but Jessie was our test pilot and climbed on....he was so good! We are proud of him, he looked beautiful under saddle...such a nice trot and so athletic! WOO HOO!!
Meghan has done a great job with Max and we are so excited to see them go tomorrow...

I also want to thank Jen and Tara for bringing us a lovely gift! I will take pictures of it is fabulous! Nice to meet your boys! Next time bring your trailer so you can take a horse home!

Long day and I am tired...tomorrow will be another long day...up early to take Max to the horse show, then an afternoon of volunteering at the same show! Come and see us at Green Hills in Gig Harbor. Max is on stage at ten in the morning...he would like a big audience, so bring friends.

Off to bed, hope your day was as good as ours...

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You won't know unless you try.

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