Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just plain Tuesday

I got to sleep late this morning,...the rain has finally stopped, it is windy and the sun is peeking out just a little (for a minute or two) as I write this. Quiet house, dog toenails click the tile floor......the cat is playing with a plant leaf......so many sounds if you just listen..the quiet is not really quiet.

The shoer comes today to do Lizzie's feet, Sarah is coming to hold her and keep her from nipping the new shoer.......the nipping just came out of no where, like a mouthy youngster. Annoying...yes, sometimes they are annoying.

Yesterday, I arrived at the barn and Winston's 3/4 blanket is now 1/2 a blanket and it is on upside down. He says he doesn't know how it happened. There definitely is no repairing it now. I took it off and he had to borrow one that was a little too small.......he is a big boy in an 86 blanket and an 84 is a little snug but adequate to keep him warm.

Chores and errands to do.....going to lunch with an old friend...looking forward to it. Feed store and Fred Meyer.......have to make a plan to enlarge the chicken coop.......we have 15 chicks........like a whole new flock and so we need some room.
We also need to cement our aisleways in the barn.....rats have made our mats uneven....our tame rats who will run right across your foot if you don't scream. We hate to poison things.

The resident squirrels are making a nest in our washrack stall......I don't have the heart to move them. They are quite tame...yesterday I took them a bag of shelled walnuts and they had a grand time "squirrelling them away".

A note to Sammi.........God bless you and keep you angel girl.......we all love you.

Well, I am off and running.......enjoy your day......

Pony Up fortune for today:

It isn't like you didn't know it.

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