Thursday, April 14, 2011


Cool, gray day......up early and to the barn. Prisoners waiting for breakfast...I am scolded by the tossing of a head, the laying back of ears, the banging of the gate...everyone is hungry. I tell them to hang on....let chickens out, let cat out....feed chickens, and THEN throw hay......but hay isn't enough...they WANT grain and so the banging, short neighs, head tossing continues. I don't fall for it usually, I make them settle down or I will have a huge chorus of chaos. Winston in particular creates a scene like something from the Black Stallion..he can rear, buck and kick in a twelve by twelve stall and make you think he is coming right out of it.
We simply shut the top door and ignore him....or else it is like feeding a fire..the next time he really acts up.

It is cold this morning and I regret having taken the blankets off......but it is mid April and gee....they should be out of their coats by now. Then I remember last year, I think I kept blankets on until June or the middle of was lousy weather last year.

Max is coming along fine...probably glad to be working and living in a regular barn. He is signed up for the Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club schooling show....May Flowers...on May 1.......come and see him!

This weekend, we have a list of chores....things to do, people to see......horses to brush, clip, blankets to take to the cleaners, a few things to build and some fencing to put up..the usual list of things to do include cleaning up manure, raking up old hay, cleaning barn stall doors (messy eaters they are!)

Monday I take the donkeys to Vancouver to catch a ride to California to go to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Great folks......good program...we are sad to see the little guys go, but this will be a better place for them, out of harms way, good donkey food and experienced donkey staff. We simply do not have room for two extra bodies at this point.

I start a new full time job at the end of the month and I will no longer have Fridays off...but I will make a little more money to feed the hungry mouths we keep and that is a priority.

I had someone call yesterday and say that unless I took their horse, they were going to shoot it. I can only do so much...We only have so much land, we only have so much money....I cannot wave a wand and make everything better. I seriously wish I could....these types of calls upset me..I can give resources but we are at capacity and it is no help to our own residents if I overcrowd or overcommit financially.
These are certainly heartbreaking times for all of us.

Off to run errands........enjoy this gray Washington day as best you can.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

It is no mystery.

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Drillrider said...

Really? Shoot it? Why do people do that?

I had a friend offer me a little leopard poa under those circumstances. I wasn't able to take it, but I found someone else who was.

Here daughter ended up with it and they were showing it within two weeks!