Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday rolls around........

Spent the morning in ER (not for member).....must have used every Blackberry application there was to update, or look at and pass the time......I got Facebook loaded to my phone and even managed to load pictures from it. Just when I was starting to hate my phone and long for something comes through like a champ. Family member home and resting.....things are ok for now.

A huge thank you to Caryn for all the help in the past year......we will miss her.....thanks for all of your time, effort and was fun! Good luck in school and with your horses.

It is raining again.....kind of chilly outside...definitely jacket weather today.....hoping for a sun break soon. I had to blanket Lizzie this morning.....she was standing in the rain, shivering...would not go in her I got the blanket back out, covered her and voila, her shivering stopped.

Don't forget the Ride and Review at Chalice Farms next month! Beth Anderson, Dannelle Haugen (see information at will see you there if you are participating! Beth and Dannelle are both capable riders/instructors/trainers....the day should be fun!

Louie had a horrible weekend, he was sure there was something in the woods...the normally comatose Louie became a snorty, prancing, nervous wreck.....and nothing would calm him.....he wouldn't eat, had diarrhea...and was snorting so loud I could hear him clear across the farm. I looked in the woods, looked on the side road, looked up in the trees, looked at the nearest neighbors......nada.....I saw nothing...but he sure did. Finally this morning he is calmer and resumed eating. Must be the local werewolves or something equally as scary.

Don't forget to come and see Max at the schooling show at Green Hills....we expect him and Meghan to take first place! Just a warning.

Enjoy your chilly afternoon.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Count your blessings instead of your worries today.

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