Friday, April 1, 2011

Free Form Friday

10:00 and all is well. I am sitting here listening to the rain, drinking coffee......the house is quiet except for the distant snoring of a sleeping dog. I have to go to work today and so my chores at the barn are done. I love a quiet can hear the softest creak of the floor, every thump from a cat jumping off the counter, the sound of running water in the gutters, croaking frogs from my pond.......such a chorus...comforting quiet sounds.

I gave up my plan to supplement the big horses with local hay. Why? because it doesn't make good bedding in my opinion, but it does in their opinion...Beaver is eating it nicely, Louie is eating whatever he gets because he is always SO hungry...but the rest of them say "No, we are NOT eating it" and "we cannot be forced"..."we will simply starve and folks will turn you into the Humane Society" I caved in. No more local ...just fresh expensive timothy/alf mix. It keeps them fat, the way they like.

The mud is seriously depressing. No matter how much we try to avoid is there because we have hooved animals and a rainy climate. More land would maybe the five acres behind us or to the side of us......I will have to get a second job or win the lotto. I will feel better once summer is here and we have dust and flies to complain about. Right now, summer seems a long way off, doesn't it?

Pony Up will have a couple of adoption days at local barns in the next two months. We will serve refreshments and show off our adoptables! Lizzie and Max are both rideable and beautiful......waiting for the right person!
We will also be taking Cooper to the Jones Farm for a couple of weeks of evaluation to see what he knows and how his tolerance is.. Cooper is a lovely boy to handle, much like a large labrador.....he loves to be scratched and will gladly groom you back if you let him...(we don't!) Max will go to Beth Anderson for a few weeks of legging up and then he is ready to go for the season. All of them are lovely.
We have one lone pasture pet........Blue......he is not suitable for riding and needs to be just a pasture ornament. His back is swayed, he has bad hocks......but he has a good disposition and is an easy keeper........he would look great amongst a backdrop of cattle.....or sheep....or ducks?

This weekend we will enlarge the donkey paddock....they have been in my mom's front yard (where SHE wanted them....!) and now they have annilated any landscape (like I said they would) they need a bigger space. She has been doting on them and they are happy little guys!...but busy, definitely busy! Also very adoptable...if you need more pasture ornaments or guard donkeys!...but they must have adequate housing and pasture space...they don't put up with any interlopers either....dogs must stay out of their yard!

Off to do other chores.......get ready for work...make more lists.

Thanks for all the support and friendship....we cannot do it without you!

Pony Up fortune for today:

It's not who wins the is who wins the war.

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