Sunday, April 3, 2011

Salutations Sunday

Slept in.....let dogs out, made email........home by myself for the second week in a row...soon to be third. The house is TV, no radio.....just me and the dogs. I throw sweats on, my glasses and off to the barn. It is cold, but not raining, although it looks like it could rain any time and I believe it will rain before the day is over.

I get to the barn, greeted by whinnies and braying.....let the chickens out, let the cat out, count chicks and then throw hay. Something catches my eye about Winston....oh.....half of his blanket is hanging, ripped from the front of his chest to the middle of his tummy....he is non plus about big deal....I get scissors and cut it off, so now he has 3/4's of a blanket. There will be no repairing this. Almost the end of blanket season.

My mother comes outside and tells me the donkeys escaped last night. HOW? Apparently they opened the latch on the gate......they were on her deck, ate her plants, went through her garbage and chewed on her car. They also scattered two bales of hay in their little barn. I have tied the gate shut until further notice. Anyone want two cute donkeys?

We had two people come and look at horses for adoption yesterday......they looked at Max, Lizzie and Cooper. Cooper is not quite ready for adoption until we have him assessed under saddle. I won't send any unknowns to adoptive homes until we know how they act and if we have any issues...not fair to the horse or the new home.
Anyway, one person wants to have Max come and visit, see how he is in the arena. She would be a very good home and does just the sort of riding he needs. We are keeping our fingers crossed! Cooper will go to the Jones Farm next weekend for a couple of weeks. Lizzie was a bad girl yesterday and has learned to more hand treats.

Temporary interruption by a Bull Terrier gone bad. I was wondering what the noise was and it is Georgia..........who has a couch pillow, de-stuffed.......and very happy with the results. If you ever had a Bull Terrier, you know what I mean. I took the pillow and then she took the remote control...........I took the remote control and she took the baby gift from the counter......I give her an appropriate toy and take the baby gift. She doesn't want the toy....she thinks the baby gift is better.
I offer her another toy and she goes back for a couch pillow. OY VAY.

The weather yesterday was so nasty that we did not do much in the way of chores. We spread hogsfuel in my mother's yard for the donkeys. Again, thank God for the tractor....and Ryan.

We checked on Yukon yesterday. He is happy and being well cared for. We dropped grain, beetpulp and a wormer for him. He is fat. :)

A few chores to do today, some friends to visit and the regular routine for the horses......the weekend went by quickly...never enough time it seems.

Enjoy your week......

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