Saturday, April 16, 2011

Seriously Saturday

It is not raining..but it is cold......I am thinking about turning the heat on...and then I decide I won't.....I won't be here long enough to really enjoy to the barn in a few minutes.
We have a lot of chores today.......gravel, lumber......a thorough cleaning, sort through and plan our tack/garage sale (pray for weather that is sunny)...plan our donkey road trip for Monday, and assign some volunteer tasks.
I went and rode Max yesterday for a little has been a long time since I rode...various reasons that are too boring to go into, but anyway Max was a good boy, looks lovely under saddle. Thank you Meghan for legging him up, trimming him up and making him look beautiful! Training level here we come!
Thanks to the folks who have donated to our tack sale...Tina H, Beth N, Carmen F...we are going to have some really great items......tack trunks, bridles, western saddles, english saddles, english bridles, saddle pads, horse blankets, sheets, boots, well as some garage sale items. Come see us May 7th from 9am to 3pm. If interested in presale.......we have a nice Prestige dressage saddle, some hunt seat saddles (Stubben and Passier), a set of weymouth bits, me or call me. Most of the saddles are mine.....most are 18" seat, med tree, long flap....

Beth, it was great talking to you and catching up......see you soon!
Carmen, thank you for your generosity.
Sarah........thanks for your support and friendship.
This has been a long week, full of surprises....

Enjoy your day.....

Pony Up fortune:

If you lie, keep a notebook, so you can remember what you said...

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