Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday

Sorry to see the rain come back for Easter morning....we had such a beautiful day yesterday. I hope you have a great day with family and friends!

Yesterday with the beautiful weather, we were able to get the new building framed in and siding will be next.....and then we will have extra hay storage or an extra is such a nice building.....we did a great job on it!

We also took Lizzie down to Chalice Farms....Sarah introduced her to the jump arena, lunged her a little, had Hannah sit on her and ride her a bit. Lizzie was a good girl for ...a mare! I am not a mare person...too much drama. Anyway the weather was good and we enjoyed ourselves. Thank you to Lea for the use of the arena....the farm looks beautiful and we love Fiona! Thanks to Sarah and Hannah for working Lizzie.

Don't forget next weekend at Chalice Farms between 2-4, we will have the Pony UP horses adopt-a-horse-a-thon.........treats will be served! Come meet us and our horses!

Also mark on your calendar......May 1st.....the Lower Puget Sound Dressage Club schooling show..( will be showing in the level one and two....with Meghan Markham riding him! are thankful for the help of Meghan. I watched her ride Max last Friday and he looked GREAT!

Next on the agenda is the Pony Up Tack and Garage sale.......May 7th (Saturday) from 9am to 3pm......all sorts of stuff, western, english (dressage mostly) some great garage sale stuff.....barn stuff, housewares, clothes, light fixtures.....all proceeds benefit the rescue. There will be parking in our arena, from the side road.
If you have items you would like to donate.....give us an email...we can pick the items up if you are in our area.

I lost another hen yesterday......didn't even see it, but she was missing at bedtime. I looked around this nothing....just plain gone. Lots of predators with families to feed, I guess. My mistake to let my chickens free range...but they love getting bugs from the manure pile and taking sun bathes in the arena. I may have to make a pen.

Ryan graduates in two weeks! We are so proud of him! He will also start an engineering job at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard towards the end of May.....way to go Ryan! We will have a little Pony Up Party for him mid month to celebrate his success.

We have baby pigeons in the barn. Don't get me wrong.....I hate pigeons in the barn. We have two fake owls..we chase them off and yet, Mrs. Pigeon snuck in two eggs, stealthily hatched them and then I found them. I am no baby killer....I will chase them off when they are big enough to fly away. I do have to say that they are cute...I had a short amount of time where I thought the mother was not coming back...the babies felt cold......I held them in my hands and warmed them...then thought about how I was going to feed them,,,,,,googled it on my phone......then thought I should give it a I put them back.......returned later to see Mommy feeding them.......phew.....what a relief....I wasn't cherishing feeding baby birds.

The swallows are back too and they are making necessary nest repairs, surveying the best sites for new nests and already catching bugs. We love them. Yesterday sure seemed like spring.....a very welcome warm day....really lifted everyones spirits.

Off to the races.......enjoy your day....and I hope the sun comes out for at least a while!

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

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