Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too far gone Tuesday

The last week has flown by......I am behind in my blogging duties......work, farm, home.........so much to do and generally not enough time.
It is wet and rainy again.....the forecast calls for rain for the next two weeks? YIKES. Where is spring? I removed horse blankets for a few days last week and then put them right back on. Most blankets survived the winter and will be able to be cleaned and used again. Some winters are harder than others on blankets.
Pastures are still muddy/soggy and ugly. A few days of rain or a few days of sun sure makes a difference........but, umm...we want the sun...for a few months at least.

Georgia, my Bull Terrier is completely over her stomach troubles.....almost like new...and still trying to eat whatever comes her way......like a baby putting things right into it's mouth.....and of course with me grabbing whatever it is, prying her jaws open and pulling it out.

The horse shoer was out on Saturday and four of our residents got trims....Beaver, in particular, grows his hooves out quickly and he has to be trimmed frequently. He has a love/hate relationship with the shoer....... but he was pretty good for the shoer...and the shoer was pretty good to him. Next week, the rest of the crew will be done....shoes on Max.....shoes on Lizzie's fronts.

Somehow in the last week, I have tweaked my knee and it is painful. ...advil, hot/cold packs......it is slightly swollen. I am getting old and I think I need Adequan or Legend to help me get along.

Time to buy hay again, the fatsos are eating some good local grass, but the rest are quite uninterested and so they must have the premium, expensive hay that they have come to love.

Please, for your horse's sake.....teach him or her to do something. I see so many horses who are green broke, barely broke, not broken, "need a refresher", "need someone to bring them along", "nine years old and not broke"....."good broodmare".....ugh..We DON'T need another broodmare, we don't need another mediocre registered foal, or unregistered foal......have a plan, give your horse a job, teach him a discipline and then when you cannot keep him or her....at least they have something to fall back on. A horse that knows how to do "nothing" is not readily marketable. If you give your horse away, check to see where they are going, check references, follow up.....if you really don't care.....euthanize him or her....spare them the suffering. There are few homes for pasture ornaments and even fewer "good" homes...I am not saying it can't happen......but the probability is not in your favor. For those of you with your head in the sand.......slaughter is alive and well....south of the border and north of the border...people will take your "free horse and sell it for a few bucks... off to slaughter they go. Google horse slaughter if you want to see the graphic reality of it.....I warn you, it is violent and ugly. If you cannot provide a home for an indefinate period.....don't buy a horse.

Enough of my soap boxing......but is is pretty depressing out there if you are a horse...or if you are a horse rescue. My heart breaks everytime I have to say no.

Enjoy your week...

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You are not alone.

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