Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday comes and goes

Lizzie came home today......Sarah was so very gracious ...she went and picked her up....put her in her paddock, fed her, watered her and voila......Lizzie is home!
She instantly came into heat and the boys are hypnotized...Winston especially. I had to repair hot wire fencing when I came home because , as I always say........Mares = drama...and boys will be boys. Lizzie looks gorgeous, toned up, shiny.....ready to be adopted by an intermediate rider who is good with a green horse. Lizzie is big bodied and strong. Our plan is to trail ride her, get her some buff muscles and make someone fall in love with her.

Now, for some shameless begging on my part......the horse above is an old mare who deserves much better than sitting in a kill pen waiting on the slaughter bus. How about some final dignity......? Doesn't someone have a loafing shed, a small pasture where she can spend a last summer? Pony Up can help transport her.
Or simply adopt one of our adoptables and she can some and spend the summer with us. We currently have no room at the inn until we get an adoption...maybe a group of you could rotate months? She is old and tired......some good food, a roof over her head....some scratches on her withers. Please consider any options that you might have that could help her. If six of us could take her for a month each.....or ?
Email or post ideas. She could also get a retirement spot at a farm I know...for about 330 a month. Anyone?

The weekend is already full of plans......and we have some new volunteers coming to meet us and our horses. I hope the weather will be hospitable. We have some painting to do, a little fencing and a little building. We need to move the donkeys to a new paddock too. ...it was supposed to happen last week, but the weather got the better of us....and so we stuck to a basic plan of doing our electrical work.

I was freezing all day today, dreaming of Hawaii.......the smell of a sweet ocean breeze, sand on my feet......sun on my body.....all I can say is soon...soon! I need a vacation that is for sure.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Do not look a gift horse in the mouth, simply take the lead and go.

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