Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunlit Morning on Saturday

Up early and treated to SUN through the rain, and a few scattered clouds. Yesterday ended with pouring rain and I really thought it would continue throughout the day today........anyway.....I am enjoying the sun and lightness this morning for as long as I can.

A hello to Paul M. of Pittsburgh, PA.........and thank you for thinking of us! Can we send you a picture of one of the inmates? They love to pose for thank you cards and give funny faces for can have your choice!

Yesterday, Mary, Shelli and I cleaned paddocks, stripped stalls and scrubbed water the donkeys and the pregnant mare got groomed, which they both loved. Then I took the rest of the day to take my mom furniture shopping and then to lunch at the Olive Garden, followed by going to the feed store, bank and a quick stop at Pier One Imports........a fun day! ....then home to feed the inmates again, where I was greeted by Susy......Susy finished the feeding, put the chickens to bed and fed the ponies down the street, while I headed to the "borrowed" barn, fed them dinner, tucked them in and then headed home to cook dinner. A long day....I was ready for bed by ten.

I don't quite have my whole day figured out for today.......we are working on the shed, the lighting for the new shed and the driveway gate, moving the donkeys to a new paddock, maybe taking Dolly home.....maybe not.....and I have to find time this weekend to go and get Lizzie......wish I had three more days. I am hoping Dolly is adopted today by some folks who have been admiring her....and the same with would be great to not have to move them again.

There are lots of "rescues" who have suddenly needed to be rescued themselves. Montana Large Animal Sanctuary literally had hundreds of animals that they just walked away from.....animals who in the end had not been properly cared for, not fed properly, no hoof care, left with water tubs frozen... other rescue groups within Montana have stepped up and are trying to place animals....llamas, horses, ponies, donkeys, bison, cows......people blindly sent their animals to this place called a sanctuary, hoping for a safe retirement place for their old horse or donkey.....and look what has happened. Please remember that anyone can look like anything from their website.......please do a site visit prior to donating your animal and then please follow up...also get references. There are over sixty horses who are waiting on someone to take them home.....lames horses, blind horses, horses who had behavioral problems, old is a crying shame to be left like this. Here is a link to some articles about the whole sordid mess:

These folks are helping to place donkeys and horses:
Do not be confused by the similarity of the organization names.

If there is anyway you can help, or adopt.....the organizations who are helping these animals are listed....make a call, send an email, adopt an animal. These animals did not commit any crimes.

Thank you to our many supporters and friends....we appreciate your help and friendship........we couldn't do it without you.

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