Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time for Tuesday

Long weekend, long week.....but on the bright side....the sun was sort of out yesterday, basically out today and looks like tomorrow it might be out for like half the day! I can deal with that......nice to not have any rain for a change.

Last weekend, we worked on a making an old shed new.....for the donkeys. It needed a new roof and a partition, plus a little fencing. Good as new now......no leaks and the donkeys are happy. They have eaten every pine tree in the paddock, but they are happy. Thank you to Rick, Susy and Ryan for helping all day.....you guys are troopers! Rick, we didn't know you were so handy....hmmm....?

We also got some hay donated by Bernie and Mark.....thank you very much! The horses and donkeys are eating it just fine. We appreciate your generosity and so do the horses!

Lizzie has finally calmed down and settled in to the Pony Up small barn. She was very fretful with new friends.....new sounds and a new shelter...but all is well now.

Almost time to take blankets off for the season, but it is still a bit cool at night. Max gets cold easily and so does Ollie......so we are careful to blanket them well into the spring.

It is still raining free horses out there.....I see ads frequently and word of mouth travels to us almost every day. I wish for a bigger budget, more land, a bigger barn.......so we could do more. It is frustrating to be limited, but important that our residents are well provided for while they are here. If we are spread too thin, it is not good for anyone. Hopefully we will have some adoptions this spring........we have some really great horses! Spread the word for us.

I was driving along today and the landscape is still drab, but starting to be dotted with brilliant green.......the metamorphosis has begun and slowly but surely it will turn to a beautiful spring...one day we will open our eyes and everything will be green and blooming. I went for a walk in the woods the other day and I saw nettles pushing up....not that I love nettles, but spring brings them to us too.

I bought new grain feeder tubs last week......rubberized ones, so that certain horses cannot break them off their walls....these are sort of flexible, black rubberized tubs....very nice and so far, so good.

Thank you to Rebecca, for feeding in the morning a couple of times a week.......a treat to have two days off in the morning. You are doing a fine job and the ponies love you!
Caryn.......you are a lifesaver as always and Brenda too.....my Pony Up girls..what would we do without you?

Ryan got a part time job, as he graduates this spring from college. We are so proud of you and glad to have you as part of the Pony Up crew...again, what would we do without you? Mr. Pony UP maintenance man and chief engineer.

My dog Georgia is recovering from her intestinal blockage.....everything seems pretty normal and she is back to her over active self...and trying to eat everything that is not bigger than herself.

This weekend, we have more chores.....they really never stop.....winter chores, spring chores and summer chores. Paddocks to gravel, manure piles to move, fill dirt to get, posts to put in, siding to put up.....an office to build, sand to put in the arena, a drainage pond to dig, flowers to plant........horses to groom, horses to work......if you have horses you know what I mean.

Tack sale next month.....location to be announced and also April is offically "Adopt a Pony UP Horse" month. Horses will be seen at a couple of different farms....sort of a showcase adoption effort....come see our residents! Details will follow in the blog......thanks to Sarah for putting this together.

Off to do home chores.....then off to bed....long day...and I am TIRED!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

To have a friend, be a friend........you know who I mean.

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