Saturday, March 12, 2011

Softly Saturday

I am up, oh so Bull Terrier, Georgia is sick.....she vomited several times during the night and is lethargic.....I offer her water and she throws I get up, shower, call the emergency vet clinic, call Susy to feed horses and off I go.
Emergency vet= large estimate for possible intestinal blockage. Negotiations to a potential three thousand dollar bill......and I leave her there...possibly against my better judgement, but she is sick and I know she needs fluids...I am supposed to check in later tonight. Please keep fingers and toes crossed for Georgia.

I come back home and today is the day we must take the pregnant mare home. We have grown very attached to her and it is hard on all of us. She loads like a good girl and off we go.......Dolly, Caryn and I. Dolly looks really good and her foot is healed up from a nasty wound....we send her home in good flesh and also halfway shed out (a sure sign that spring is really coming)
On the way back I take Caryn to an Indian food lunch...first time I have eaten Indian was good! Then we go to Strohs and buy some railroad ties and a new bed for Georgia. Back to the farm ........where Ryan and Alex have worked on framing in the new shed and also put up another light fixture on the inside of it. We switch horses and donkeys around in paddocks.....then feed and talk about the day. My truck won't go in four wheel drive.....I almost get the trailer stuck while putting it is really the way my whole day went.
Did I mention it rained like hell most of the day? Maybe I didn't because I didn't want to sound like I was complaining.....but I AM complaining. Enough is enough.
Didn't I say this same thing last year when it was raining clear into July?
I will have to buy hay again for the small barn......and we still really need to move horses around, but today we decided to wait for a NON rainy day.
Max will come back to the Pony Up barn, so we can work him, Lizzie will go back to the borrowed barn, so she can RELAX.......and Cooper will become Ollie's new pasture buddy. The plan sounds good in theory......but we will see how it really works ...
Max will have to share a pasture with Louie....the donkeys will get their own paddock within reach of my mom........she loves those little guys.

Next weekend we have to get gravel gravel some spots in the driveway, regravel the paddock runs and put new gravel down for a base in the new shed. We never have enough would seem.

The bear was into our garbage cans, tipped them over.....dragged stuff out......every garbage can was raided....chicken scratch eaten......we would have suspected Beaver, but alas, he was in his paddock with the gate closed....and even though he can be a Pony Houdini, it didn't appear that he actually was able to lock himself back in.

The mother hen is doing well with her "adopted" chicks...they are eating, drinking and starting to get real feathers already......gosh, they grow fast. She is a very good mother...shows them where to eat and keeps them toast warm. So cute to see them peeking out of her feathers........little legs here and little beaks just barely poking out.

Sunday tomorrow,,,,,,,,the weekend has flown, hasn't it?

Enjoy your day tomorrow,...relax, rest and reflect.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Remember the feeling........

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