Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Typhoon Tuesday

The rain continues, torrents, buckets, cats and dogs.......ad nauseum. I am really sick of it......I know I keep saying that, but surely you feel that way too if you live here. Sure there are signs of spring.....plants emerging from the earth, buds on trees, horses shedding, the days are suddenly LONGER.....but it continues to rain.
I look forward to some sun and some good news.

This last week has been a nightmare and my prayers are with the Japanese people. I cannot fathom the pain and anquish of a Tsunami and an earthquake.....and how frightening it is to have the nuclear disaster looming. I think of Japan's animal population too and what a horrible situation it is for them. I can only say prayers.

The disaster of last week makes you think of emergency plans....for your family, for your animals. I guess we never think it can/will happen to us......but we should all make a plan today.....there are many good places to get ideas. Have a meeting place, have some basic supplies, bottled water.......packaged food.

With all the rain we have had, we have been fortunate.......no flooding and the stalls are dry......each horse has a dry place and of course is blanketed. Lizzie has had a hard time adjusting to not living in the horsey Hilton (Jones Farm) and she has finally decided she can stand in her Noble shelter to keep dry(er)......she gives me anxiety when she stands outside in the pouring rain.

Blue has had his blanket changed about three times in an effort to keep him dryer....he loves to stand outside in the downpour as well as Lizzie. I try to tell myself that they know what they are doing......but don't they have a brain about the size of an orange? We love them anyway..but not everyone of them is the sharpest knife in the drawer...except the ponies.

We will shortly be bringing Yukon home, as his foster family has some different arrangements in mind. We thank them SO MUCH for taking such great care of him for the past two years.....he has probably never had such great care in his whole life.
We think that Yukon is probably too old to be considered for adoption, as he is 25 this year and so we will find a permanent retirement for him....we like the Jones Farm of course......he would have a HUGE pasture with another old guy, a loafing shed and no mud. We are space compromised at the moment ..and so we think he may go directly to the Jones Farm. Yukon is a great horse and he deserves a wonderful retirement.

This weekend we will move horses around..bring Max back to Pony UP, take Lizzie back to the borrowed barn (so I will quit clenching my teeth)......Louie will share a paddock with Max.......Cooper will go with Ollie and all should be good......I hope.

We will need hay again soon and so I will pursue that tomorrow. We have some hay being donated to us by Bernie.......we thank her for thinking of us!

Patti, thank you for your donation today.....we appreciate you thinking of us.

After such a week, I am thankful for:

friends who are really friends.......
volunteers who love our horses.......
family who understands why I love horses.........
a good job.....
a sense of humor.
the humility of others who make me find my own ..

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

What you think you know, is maybe not what you know........you know?

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