Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 2011

A long time since I have updated the blog. My life has irrevocably changed and nothing will be the same again. Many of you know that my mother passed away in early December. She fought like a tiger until the end and then she promptly gave up and went suddenly away from us. Although it was expected, it was still a shock. My heart is forever broken. I was very close to my mom and it seems hardly possible that she is not here. My mind forgets and I can't tell you how many times I think about picking the phone up to tell her something funny or some newsworthy item...but she is not there. I have gone through her house and divided her things and the reality hits that you are never taking even well loved things with you.....they stay behind and someone else picks them up......maybe they will love them the same, maybe they won't...some things get thrown away, some get treasured.......some are given away. My heart ached to touch her clothes, her purses.......her jewelry. Life goes on....animals still need to be fed, the farm still needs to be managed....but somedays I dread going there and seeing the empty house. I hope in time, I will feel better and stronger. My mother loved the farm, loved the volunteers......and we will continue to support her legacy. We have had a very fortunate year at Pony Up and we are very thankful for our supporters, contributors and volunteers. My volunteers made it possible for me to spend extra time with my mom while she was ill and I will be forever grateful for their kindness and support. The best to you in this Holiday to your families and friends. Rosemary


Studio at the Farm said...

My dear Rosemary,
I was in that exact place you are in, fifteen years ago. I still sometimes think "Mom would love that!". The pain lessens, and all the good feelings and memories stay with you. I send you strength and good energy. You are doing Good Things at the farm.
With love,

Drillrider said...

So sorry to hear about your Mom! I've lost both parents and my family had a garage sale of their belongings. The family went through their things and I wanted to take it ALL home versus strangers "pawing" through it! I knew it wasn't "logical", but it was how I felt at the time!

Take care and keep her memory close to your heart!