Sunday, July 17, 2011

Silence on Sunday

It has been a busy couple of weeks for us....we have been working! We got our swale done, our bridges built and the cross fencing put in.......let the water come! Only one small injury when I dropped a railroad tie on my foot and squashed foot is still swollen but I am walking and working.

I am happy to announce that Blue has been adopted by a wonderful family near Edmonds....Sabrina and girls! We are very happy for Blue...he has been a horse who is often overlooked. This is a fabulous home with very nice people!

The weasel is still living in the barn. I love him and his little face! He is a voracious hunter of rats, birds, mice and ...mmm......rabbits! I had no idea they ate rabbits..but apparently he does because he was chasing one down in the pasture....we diverted him for the sake of the rabbit...but I don't know what happened after we left. I guess weasels have to eat too...I just don't want to see it.

We also brought home a new mare from the kill pen....picked her up Saturday. A Thoroughbred mare, seven years old, bay of course.....very pretty *aren't they all?..she looks a little pregnant to me, so we will have her checked......maybe not but maybe so.....but anything is possible. Her name is Okalani.......we are working on a barn name for her.

We are ready to buy hay again.....gosh we go through a lot of hay. Ready to buy gravel again.....but not ready for this fall weather we are having...enough is enough...we have mud again after this week. I hate it.

The farm looks lovely with everything in bloom.....we have currants, raspberries and lots of flowers..
The eagle has given us a reprieve and we have not lost any chickens for a week...perhaps the salmon runs are starting to come in and he will leave us alone for a long time.

I wanted to commend everyone for the great work on saving the remaining kill pen horses this week. It was looking very dismal and through Facebook friends...we got them all saved...some very generous donors and generous home offers ...what a great bunch of folks.

There are about 15 horses/ponies being held by Pierce County.......they need to get adopted quickly....if you can spread the word..or adopt, please do so quickly........things have turned from bad to worse and these horses and ponies need homes....lots of ponies! Here is the link.....remember they need to get adopted quickly!​abtus/ourorg/aud/animalservice​s.htm

Enjoy your week.....thank you for all of your support and kind words! We can't do it without our friends!

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

You will finally know.

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