Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Working on Wednesday

Finally......July 4th is over. I hate July 4th.....animals lost, confused, dazed, people's houses burned down, kids makes no sense. Trying to watch two barns during the "festivities" about made me crazy......thank God for Ace (not for me, lol)...I am almost six feet tall but no match for a 1500 lb Thoroughbred who is having major anxiety. He alternately wants to be with you or be running the fence....and you must be quick to get out of his way. Anyway, we survived again...and I can only hope that fireworks are outlawed in this county next year. Too many people who don't know when to say when (two days before, three days after...up until three in the morning) or who have to have the illegal reservation fireworks...talking 1/4 sticks of dynamite.Funny because no one wants you to drink and drive, but apparently it is okay to drink and set off dry, hot weather, in residential neighborhoods....go figure....not to mention the folks who neglect to lock up their dogs or cats and then wonder why they ran off. IQ testing ...seriously.,,,you mean your dog was upset over 1/4 sticks of dynamite going off?

Last weekend, we got a lot of things done around the farms....weed eating, fence building, ditch digging, bridge building, paddock cleaning...we are making a bio swale to deal with our drainage problems at the Pony Up barn, complete with crossing bridges for the horses to use in order to get down to the lower pastures. On Sunday, I dropped a railroad tie on my foot.....and squashed it....very swollen, purple and sore.
We built a fence between Iris and Blue..worked just great until Blue knocked it over with his big fat butt.....a convenient scratching post that he cannot resist. We don't have hot wire on it because of Iris....but I may have to put some on HIS side, although it defeats the purpose of them being able to touch and groom each other other the top......back to the drawing board.

We have a weasel in the barn.......I love weasels. I watched him for a long while as he was investigating rat holes in the barn..he was very curious about me and not very afraid. This is the "borrowed" barn and there are no Mr. Weasel is welcome.

Thank you Debi C. for your recent donation...your money is used for putting shoes on Lizzy. Lizzy was getting a big crack in her front hoof and shoes were necessary. Her feet look great!

The weather is suddenly hot and gorgeous......I am loving it! The garden loves it too and finally everything is blooming.

Iris had three young girls come and groom her this last weekend.....they braided her mane, brushed the bird poop off of her and then worked on Jones...who also appreciated the attention.

This weekend we will work on finishing the swale, spread some dirt around, groom the arena, release the fly predators, plan some activities for fund raising and find more hay. We got hay last weekend but it wasn't enough...we need more....we are feeding a small army and when the weather changes again, we will resume feeding the pony down the road....who is fat and sassy right now on his grass paddock...but anyway it will be an extra mouth to feed.

Thankful as always to my group of volunteers....Brenda, Rebecca, Susy, Jen, Ryan and Sarah....

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

Forgiveness is over rated in this matter.......

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