Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wine on Wednesday

Home for a bit after a long day.. still more chores to do tonight prior to dark....emails to answer, dogs to feed, clothes to wash...the list never stops...and this is not even the farm list.

I am thankful for my volunteers who have lightened my load this week as my mom had surgery today. It is a relief to have extra hands...thank you! My mom came through the surgery, got out of the recovery room and is resting...pretty comfortable and pain free right now due to a strong cocktail of painkillers.

A while today to reflect on what we do and why we do it...... somedays everything is so worth it and somedays we think we are hardly making a difference..somedays are tiring and trying.....somedays everything is easy. I always try to remind myself that what we do is worth it to every horse that comes through our door......can we help every horse? No...and that itself is a sad fact...but we help who we can, when we can to the best of our ability and lots of horses are the better for it. My volunteers can pat themselves on the back for the horses that are in new loving homes and perhaps competing in local competitions....or some are just pasture pets in beautiful scenic pastures enjoying a great life beyond what they had. and that is what makes it worthwhile. far we have had 87 hours (according to the news) of summer here....and today is a testimony to it......gray, overcast, drizzle......hey..knock it off...we want dust and flies and brown grass!

Okalani has settled in, had her feet trimmed, been preg checked (she is NOT pregnant) and we like her a lot. She is very pretty, well built, good disposition and so far no mare drama either! I love a mare with no drama. She will rest a little, finish her quarantine and then get back to work. She should be a beautiful dressage horse or hunter.... We have taken to calling her Lilly...

We still have a chore list a mile long....gravel to get...more fencing to put in..*how does that work? we are ALWAYS doing fencing......well, we are always improving it or moving it. We got hay put in the new shed and we realized we had not given the hay truck enough room to make a good out comes a post and we move a small stretch of fence. Not a big deal. We have ROCKS to pick...a bumper crop this year. The horses are using their new bridges and we actually widened a couple of them ...let's just say that Cyrus likes to go over his bridge at about 90 mph...and I was we widened them.

Iris, it seems, has her own fan club on Facebook.......but also recently seemed to pick up someone who made some threats towards her. WTH you say? We agree........who threatens a blind horse? Anyway, we have made some security changes to ensure Iris' safety...and Iris is currently safe and sound...although on a diet! Iris likes to eat...and she will just keep eating and eating.

Our Pony Up list of needs for the next few months....

Grass hay
gravel (pea gravel for ingress/egress of bridges)
a blanket small enough for Iris...about a 75/76
rice bran
salt licks
two stall mats (for outside of Iris' stall to prevent mud)
joint supplement for Jones and Yukon
4x4 top rails for fencing
fly predators
Iris dental funds
Okalani dental funds

We also would like to sell our horse trailer or maybe trade up for a three horse...must be tall 7'6" at least, extra wide, prefer goose neck, but will consider bumper pull. Our trailer is in good shape, slant load, 7'6" tall, extra wide, 2 horse, Thurobuilt, 2006, tack room in front. email if interested in trade or sale?

Enjoy your week.....

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

If change is what you wish, be the change you wish for.

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