Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday is here already...

I took today off so that I could catch up on chores around the house and around the barn.

We have some resident chickens (mostly Banty type) and one little hen has blessed us with 12 chicks! Too cold outside for chicks, c'mon spring...warm us up! So I have a small fence to put up for the chicks safety, as the barn cats think they are interesting and I have stalls to clean, horse blankets to take to be cleaned and feed buckets to wash. I always have this idea of sleeping in, but the horses have their feeding schedule, so I get up at my regular time and go to them.

We have a mascot pony. His name is Beaver. Nope, I didn't name him....he came to us named and we never bothered to change it. He is 11 hands of pure personality. Sure he is cute but he is also Dennis the Menace in a pony suit. Gates must be double latched and you never turn your back on him for just a second. Clever opportunist....if the gate is open an inch, he will barrell through it and run like a wild mustang. Last time he pushed Page out of the way and ran through the barn aisle, out of the barn and straight into my mom's yard..........where he paused to take a drink out of her goldfish pond, then ran to the garden and pulled up several clumps of daffodils while he was debating what to do next........then just as we had him surrounded, he made a break for it to run down the driveway. Fortunately he was cut off by the driveway gate and then trapped by us. Sometime I will tell you about my cell phone and Beaver or Beaver and the hired hands who would not come back. We have a million stories.
Thursday was nice enough to take blankets off and let the horses have sun naps in various spots of mud. I reblanketed them when I fed at night.......good thing I did because it got cold and rained all night. More rain this Friday morning and then voila.......the sun came out.

Tomorrow we work on the new loafing shed and repairing some fencing. I was noticing that we needed some horsie makeovers too......manes are long, bridle paths have become mohawks.....gee, I wish my hair grew that fast.

I noticed this afternoon too that the gnats are out......we call them no see-ums.......because we can't see them, but they are right there irritating Mr. Sensitive.........Ollie. I will have to get the Skin So Soft out and coat his belly, sheath area and thighs.....this of course, he loves and he will gladly lift his hind leg out to the side so that you can get all the right spots! It is messy but in the end, he smells nice and I smell unusual.......Skin So Soft and the faint scent of horse manure.........hmmm.

Enjoy your weekend!

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