Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday already...

The week flew and horses and phone calls, and horses and work and more phone calls. We have had many folks call us this week asking if we can take horses......unfortunately we are full until we adopt one of our residents to a new family.

Rio and Gossip are ready to go and so we advertise and seek just the right family.....just the right person. We tell folks all they need to know and they tell us about themselves and we just wait to see how the magic between the horse and person goes. We are choosey.......we are particular. We put a lot of love and time into rehab. When a horse comes to trust us it becomes hard to turn them over to someone else. You never want anything bad to happen to them never want to see fear or despair in their eyes again........never want them to be hungry or thirsty or hurt. We take applications and screen. It doesn't take a lot of money, it doesn't take a fancy barn, you needn't be a fashion model or a professional rider......mostly it takes common sense, committment, enough money to support a horse and some honest about your limitations...we won't hold it against you....we want you to get a horse that is right for you.

So far the new paddock arrangements are working great.....everyone seems happy and sharing fencelines without any fence crashing either!

We have to make better arrangements for the manure pile. Our working chickens do what they can to keep it turned over, but it is growing. Last year we had plenty of folks who wanted it for their gardens after we advertised on Craigslist, so I suppose we will do it again. When the tractor man comes we will create a new place for it.

We are going to pour a cement slab outside the barn, so that we can make a proper washrack/shoeing stand.....just another weekend project we have lined up.

I checked the hay supply today and we still have about 3 ton. Seems like the price is a little cheaper. I must say that our hayman is so good to us....he always gives us a deal and he always donates to our fundraiser. We are checking into buying from a feed manufacturer for bulk buys of beet pulp and grain....seems like we can save some money that way.

Baby chicks are almost fully feathered now, scratching for bugs and begging for treats. I found the hen sitting on the workman's tailgate with him, begging for parts of his sandwich....and he was giving it to her. She is the one who runs to any car or truck when it comes in, so that she can check you for food. Hopefully she will teach the chicks to stay away from the pony. He stomped a chicken last year when it tried to get near his hay. We are not fond of this trait....however he keeps coyotes and stray dogs out of the pasture and away from the chickens. Mr. Watch Pony.

Enjoy your weekend........

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