Monday, April 27, 2009


Monday morning and I always start my work week by reading about success and why we have it or why we don't. Some folks seem to have it all (success) and others seem to be looking around for it, while others just take what comes or maybe what doesn't come as their lot in life.

Some of us are too hard on ourselves and expect big achievements everytime. I am sometimes a workaholic, trying to fill a day with two days work........always having a "result" in mind.

Horses are good for me in that way. There is no hurrying a process with telling them that today they must do this or that. A work in progress....sometimes a study in patience, sometimes brute perseverance and stubborn determinedness (is this a word?!) but always a labor of love. When I feel like I have so much to do and so little time to myself, I remind myself that I do it for the love of the horses. My dad used to tell me that you will find love in responsibility and you will find that responsibility comes with love. He was right...and so no matter how tired or discouraged we take care of what we love because we are responsible.

My dad was a good guy. He wanted sons but got daughters.......but he made the best of it. He raised us like boys.......we hauled wood, we learned to hammer a nail like men, we got dirty and were not allowed to whine ...he taught me to believe that there is not anything that I cannot do, only those things I choose not to do. ...and that is one of my successes in life.

Anyway, I am rambling on this morning......

take the brakes off your heart and make a difference for someone or something in your life today! Volunteer.......the world needs you!

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