Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome to Pony Up Rescue for Equines!

Welcome! We have started this blog to give us a way to update everyone on our rescued horses, how they are doing, and our events and activities. Pony Up Rescue was formed in early 2009 and we currently have three horses, of which two are ready for adoption.

Rio (shown at left) is an 11 year old gelding who we were told is a Trakehner cross. He is a sensitive, well trained horse who knows a lot and needs a quiet, knowledgeable rider to perform to his full potential. Rio has had a rough couple of years in the wrong place, so he would really appreciate all the comforts of a show home!

Gossip Girl is a 10 year old POA mare, just under 14.2 hands, so she is a large pony. Gossip is easy to ride and tolerant. She longes well and is fantastic on trails. She isn't at all spooky in new places - we rode her last week with someone practicing motocross across the street and she did not even blink. Gossip does need work on her canter and finishing for the show ring, but her sensible and easygoing disposition would make her an ideal Pony Club prospect.

Junah is our rehab horse. A true seventeen hand stunning dark bay, he was rescued just hours away from slaughter. Junah was neglected and his hooves had not been trimmed in years. He lives at Chelsea's house and she has been busy teaching this very big baby that it is okay to trust humans to lead him, groom him and handle his feet. Junah is making great progress and while it will still be quite a while before his hooves are rehabbed enough to start training him under saddle, we think he'll eventually be a wonderful dressage prospect for the right person.

Our rescued horses live with our board members - please e-mail us if you think you may be interested in meeting one!