Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here comes the sun!

What a glorious weekend......and I am probably over glorifying the weather we had....but hey, it was so much better than the weather we have had? Right? A few more days of rain and I was thinking of moving to Arizona.

I showed up at the farm early afternoon Saturday to find all of the boys laying on their sides, flat out, naked in the sun and they did not stir as I drove up. I should have got a picture.,,every horse flat out and snoring.

The barn cat got scared of something on Saturday and she was at least 50 feet up in a cedar tree.....howling and crying while a crow taunted her. I figure that cats can get down from where they climb I called her and while she cried a lot more, she would not venture down...not an inch. I left her overnight figuring she would get down....and then this morning we I saw she was still way UP THERE>>>>we called a nice man that we know to came out and he climbed the tree in his climbing gear and got her down for us. She was very hungry and thirsty. She went right into my mom's house and made herself comfortable...and I am sure my mom will let her sleep in there tonight.

I went out to see three horses that need homes today.......all Arabians. A mare, a stallion and a gelding. Living on property where no one lives any longer and being fed only grain once a day. The kind neighbors are caring for them now but the horses really need to get into homes. The stallion needs to be gelded as he has an "occupied" mind, the mare is the stallion's mother and then the gelding is really old. Anyone? I have sent resources to secure a low cost/no cost gelding to the neighbor who is caring for them. Donations of hay would be of great benefit. This neighbor is a saint.......he bought hay out of his own pocket and has repaired fences to keep the stallion in, as the stallion escapes frequently. The stallion is a little guy, not bad looking, gray and as I said.......very preoccupied with the ladies. The mare is rideable in her teens and the gelding is just plain old, needs a retirement home.I would appreciate any offers of help. Just email me.

I also visited two mares further down the road who need an upgrade. Both are rail thin and have rain rot. Teenage mares who deserve better. I can sleep knowing that they have water tubs in their pasture tonight and several flakes of grass hay in front of them. If you are looking for a mare with a good me.

Back to my regular job tomorrow and before that my morning will mean cleaning stalls and feeding the farm horses, making more beet pulp, taking blankets off, feeding chickens and cats.......then off to work an hour away.

Enjoy your week.......practice a random act of kindness and keep quiet about it. It will come back to you I swear!

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