Sunday, August 9, 2009

Winston begs

Okay, Winston is not a rescue horse, but he does make a cute face, doesn't he? His lips are coated with his gruel. I always feed grain wet and then add beet pulp. He eats his down like a pig and then it is begging time. If there are any volunteers there, he is sure to get something...a peppermint, a carrot, some sunflower seeds...something, anything will do. He never gives up. If he can reach your shirt, you are in trouble!

Sunday morning and it is drizzling but humid......we clean water troughs, pick manure and then install a new lock on the tack door. Later we will work on the pony paddock, maybe pick a few rocks and clean out the chicken pen.

It is almost time to name the filly...

two more names are added as of last night..

Roulette (I used to have a mare named did anyone else come up with it?)


Better buy some more chances...if there is a name you like...go for it!

We will be having a garage sale in late August to benefit our residents. Combination of general items and tack! Held in Port Orchard. If you have some items you would like to donate, we would love to have it!

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