Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.........

I have been slacking in my blogging duties........but have been so busy........dang, how did I get so busy?
The barn, always projects at the between trying to keep my house clean and my yard in ride my own horse, take a lesson here and a lesson there.

Let's see.....
we got the entry way of the barn and the outside front painted.......looks great! We got loafing sheds painted.
We got pea gravel delivered and some of it spread on pathways.
We got mats moved and cleaned.
We got more mats brought over from the old barn and put down in paddocks outside of stall areas.
today we got some french drains dug, graveled, pipe put in, more gravel, fabric on top and then replaced the dirt.
We got a drain pit dug and a plastic shield thing to hold the gravel in place........fabric over the top and voila.......done!

We also got three ton of hay delivered and put up.

I hired three young men to come and dig glad to meet them, such nice guys and hard workers. One of them is interested in working on the weekend to clean paddocks.......YES~ they live close to the barn. What they got done in four hours would have taken me about six years.

On Saturday, while I had a mission to accomplish, my volunteers cleaned paddocks, put together grooming boxes, swept the barn, cleaned buckets, groomed horses and gave Beaver a faux bath......then gave some lungeing time to Sully.

Oh and I didn't mention that Margo made us some official PONY UP Rescue is installed on the side of the barn (looks great too!) for the trailer (not put on because I didn't want to pressure wash it off!) and one roadside type sign............THANK YOU Margo!!!!!!!! much appreciated!

Rio is being adored by his new family. We miss him, but he is living the high life he should be. He is a good boy and went through a lot of torment to find his small slice of heaven with a family who loves him. You go RIO!!!!!!!!!!

We are having a Pony Up garage sale on Sept 12/13........if you have items to us........we can pick them up or you can bring them by or we can work out something? The Stiffey family has generously donated their residence for the garage sale......good traffic location.....thank you again Stiffeys......for all you do.

We have 11 new baby chicks as of yesterday.....little balls of fluff......yellow, orange and yellow/black.

I go back to work this week after several weeks off.........I have Monday off and then back to I really am anxious to get the paddock project done.......I will order more gravel......I already had a generous donation of some grid for the paddocks which is designed to hold gravel in I will have a base of large rock put down, then lighter gravel on the top.......keeping my fingers crossed that it works to keep our small paddocks much dryer this year.

more tomorrow!

Hey it is almost September!

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