Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday.......volunteers rock!

Here it is, Saturday on Labor day weekend and we still have lots to do. Rain is upon us and there is mud to be managed, lean to's to be built and our volunteers get them done.
Sharon, Kim,Darlene and I built a lean to today off of a loafing shed. It will temporarily house "evil on four legs" aka Beaver, but eventually will be used to store a few bales of hay for those horses in the lower forty. We got the framing up, the metal roofing up and all we need now is ROOF PATCH for a few previous nail holes. Tomorrow..yes, tomorrow, I will get that chore done. I hope the weather will cooperate.
Kim groomed Hamilton and Sully, then helped Briann with Breeze. Ollie got a nice grooming and head rub..........poor Ollie has been lonesome since Rio left. Tonight he has a next door he won't be too lonesome any longer, although he may regret exhibiting lonesomeness! Also Bubba groomed Beaver....they are getting quite a friendship.......Beaver has not bit him even once!

I have hired a couple of very nice teenagers to do some work around the farm......great boys.....really great. Well mannered, polite, sense of humor and a great work ethic. Did I say I really like them? I do!!! Tomorrow they will wheelbarrow gravel and dig a few more drainage ditches....mend some fence posts at the arena, help me move some nice to have some muscle!

A big THANK YOU to the Stroh's girls/women who sponsor Breeze! They are a huge help and asset to us and we so appreciate it! They take their sponsorship seriously and I know they will help find Breeze a great home! We have had a couple of good referrals from Strohs. Might I also mention that if you need some plants or some plant advice........go to Strohs. My whole yard is comprised of great finds from Strohs, who helped me chose landscape items.

Also a big mention of Cenex who lets us put a pallet out for donations! A great and friendly crew.........Johnny, Jeff, Bill and Susie. THank you! and thank you to the customers who have donated items for us to use at the farm. We have received lots of wormers, some medical supplies and miscellaneous goods!

Last but NOT least..........thank you to Emily, the hairdresser, who cuts and styles our hair and allows a Pony UP donation box at her station!!! Not only do you give great hair cuts......but you support Pony Up! If you want a great me and I will give you Emily's number.

This next week I will try and finish the paddocks.......such a long project, but such a worthwhile one. We almost have the drains finished and next will come stretching out geo tech grid, followed by crushed rock, then sand and pea gravel. I am saying NO to mud this year. Any anti mud suggestions will be appreciated......yes, send them my way....I want to hear how you keep mud at bay and your horse hooves dry.

Please enjoy your long weekend and be safe!

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