Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday evening......not quite finished

Friday was productive......we got two paddocks finished and only three more to go. The gravel started to settle nicely when it rained late Friday night and Saturday morning. The gravel also drained nicely and the horses seem to love to stand on it.
I have days when I think these projects will never finish. Just when I think we are getting ahead of the comes another one. We hope to get the arena footing re-done in the late spring.......too late now to work on it this year.

Saturday morning, Kim, Darlene and I worked on adding timbers to specific areas to hold the gravel in place. Then we added some gravel to Beaver's paddock, moved some mats (ugh...), placed some stakes to secure timbers and then added a half wall to Beaver's stall.

Then I was off to the hospital to visit my mom. She has been hospitalized for several days.......always worrisome.......but she got to come home Saturday evening. I got her home and into her house, got her dogs fed and then did my barn chores. She was tired and ready to go to bed as I was finishing up.

Sunday morning, I arrive to the farm, check in on my mom and find her still sleeping, so I let her sleep, but I put her dogs out, feed the cats and then feed the horses....who are slightly put out because I have been there for over fifteen minutes without handing over the chow. Then home to shower, drink some coffee and run some errands.

At 3pm I meet a new volunteer and introduce her to the horses, show her the feeding schedule and sign her paperwork..........she is helping out at Pony Up for her senior project and we will love having her with us for ten weeks. She is a girl I have known for a few years and she is horse experienced......YAY! This means she can ride, feed or clean. I am blessed by my volunteers....welcome Devon and thank you for choosing us!
I also have my boys...(workers) show up......more drainage projects to help keep water out of paddocks....they dig ditches while I clean water tubs and feed.
The boys and I work until just after six.......then back to the house to check on my mom, get her dogs fed, make sure she takes her niece is there with her and has helped her with some household stuff.

thank you to the Stiffey's for the horse treats, apples, sunflower seeds and help this week.........thank you to Kim for the help with feeding, cleaning and construction help.......thank you to Jason the tractor man for the hours of tractor work on Friday.........thank you to Eli's mother for the banana bread and for sending us the boys! I rave about those boys.......hard workers and polite....easy to be around.

Sharon, I hope your back feels better. You are now on light duty around matter what you say!

Projects to finish......paddocks, paint the newest parts of the loafing sheds, paint the chicken coop, retaining wall for the manure pile, pour a cement pad outside the barn (farrier and vet standing pad).......paint the inside of the barn, add some boards to the inside of the stalls where they need repair, fix the access gate, spread gravel on the loafing shed mats, install light fixtures in the loafing sheds for winter hours.......and spread grass seed in the pastures. Gosh, that is a lot isn't it? and I am sure I have missed some things.

Not to mention that we need to fundraise for medical expenses, training expenses, and start making a "horse food bank" fund for this winter. By the looks of Craigslist, it is going to be a crazy year ...maybe worse than last year and we want to be able to help folks. We encourage ideas ........send us yours. How would you work a horse food bank if you could? How would you encourage donations to such a thing?

enjoy your week..........

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