Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday is my Friday

Heavy sigh of work week is is Thursday night. YAY!!!!

Tomorrow is GRAVEL day. My friend is coming with his tractor and will help me spread gravel for the anti mud treatment of the paddocks. Honestly, if I get these paddocks finished ....I will be celebrating. So much work. I hate to have horses slog in mud....I hate the resulting thrush and hoof issues it brings. I figure if we are giving horses a better place to live........well, we should give them a "better" place....shelter from the elements, good footing, good food, and NO mud. God knows I am trying. I may have more gravel than the local rock quarry at this point.

We got a nice bench off of Craigslist for outside of the barn. Very solid, varnished......simply marvelous! Only 5o dollars....such a bargain. Now we can ALL sit down.

Sully's leg is just fine..........thanks for asking. We are going to take him on a trail ride in the Banner Forest this weekend. I think he will enjoy it and it is good experience for him. I keep saying what a jewel he is..........someone will get a great horse.......I would keep him for myself if he were big enough! I swear! I am not an Arab person....but I really LIKE this horse.

Thank you to the Stiffey's for the garage sale they held and all the time they spent doing it! We will buy hay with the money.....we are feeding over a ton a month.

Thank you to Kim for helping me during the week and for working with Sully......and for killing big brown spiders lurking in saddles.......ewwwwww!

Fall is coming........cooler in the morning........getting darker faster....chickens go to bed won't be long now.

I write these blogs and tell you about all the work that goes into creating and maintaining a horse rescue.....but it isn't just physical is mental and emotional and financial. Sometimes it is a daunting task, sometimes it is depressing.........sometimes we don't know how we will feed another mouth or clean another stall......but we carry on. Committment and responsibility........helpless creatures who need care and love.....we cannot do it without volunteers and people who donate their hearts and a little bit of their souls to those helpless creatures.
I will always applaud our volunteers....who do it for the horses......they don't get a lot of press ........someday I will post pictures of each one....I am sure the pictures will show their halos.

It is a picture waiting to be painted...........a brilliantly sunny morning.......and there is Hamilton, surrounded by three teenage delicately holding his lead rope, while one applies show sheen to his coat and the other rubs conditioner/detangler into his tail.......their laughter pierces the air while they talk about their new school year....and they put "dibbs" on who will comb his tail out.........then one brushes his back and combs his mane while the other combs his tail out.........Hammy is half asleep.....but feeling the love of three angels. Thank you to Maia, Madeline and made Hammy feel like a million dollars. He is a horse who has not known much love or much kindness in his life, but in your hands he thinks he must be "something" important.

Volunteers.........they "rock"!


jrosey said...

Jealous of your gravel! I've got some down as a "front porch" but I'd love to have a whole paddock full of it. It *will* happen. This year, though, it might be free wood chips. Did you know that Asplundh has a service where they will drop them off for free? They have a waiting list, but still...can't beat the price! I like reading about your chores/ what your day to day entails. Sounds like you've got a good jump on fall/winter prep!

Pony Up Rescue for Equines said...

Don't be too jealous yet! I have made many mistakes with the drains .........but hope today will bring success in exactly what I want!
We are only graveling about forty feet in each paddock, then leaving the pasture part....we are not going to allow them on pasture in he winter except on dryer that the pasture can grow back.
We will see how it works......tell me how you manage your manure piles?
I got wood chips too....just waiting to see where I need them. I got them from a tree removal service guy.....for FREE!!

Drillrider said...

I wish you success in your efforts to control mud! I moved to Idaho and they don't even "know" what rain rot or mud fever are. If it does get muddy, it is VERY short lived. I'm loving Idaho and there is plenty of non-rainy days for riding!