Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday and the holiday is over..........

A weekend that allowed us realize that FALL is almost here.......Fall means cooler, damper weather.......okay Fall really means the begining of RAIN season........and lots of rain for several months. It is how our landscape and scenary stays so green. Mother nature reminded me that mud is part of the fall scenary here in Washington, at least if you have horses. After this weekend, we have mud. We had some minor roof leaks too. So on Sunday we hauled some gravel, we bought more roof patch, we dug some more drainage ditches. I am hoping that it will dry out enough so that we can have the tractor spread the gravel over the geo tech fabric.........keep your fingers crossed for that. I hate to see horses slog in mud.

At least everyone had a dry place to stand.......thanks to loafing sheds and stalls. We are hock to hock...........hoping for another adoption before October so that we have some extra room. We are working on more wind blocks for the loafing sheds......which means more plywood and more paint to protect it.

Back to work tomorrow for most of us......but a short work week, right?

Kim helped feed and water tonight while I cleaned. Great to have volunteers and especially experienced ones. Kim used to ride hunters and will probably work one or more of the horses for us....she is working with Sully right now on lungeing and some ground work. She already knows the way to his heart is a carrot.

I saw beautiful pictures of Briann and Rio........he looks happy, she looks happy......and I am sure he is glad to be in his own stall with his own food which he doesn't have to he has an extra large pasture to go out in.......he definitely traded up!

I have my hired hands coming tomorrow........gutters need to be cleaned, fence posts need to be straightened, paddocks cleaned, retaining walls built and oh, yeah........more GRAVEL.

enjoy your week!

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