Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday comes the weekend

Guess what I am doing Friday? guessed it work........specifically gravel and building a retaining wall for the manure pile.
I am anxious to get it done and over!

The paddocks that were done last week are great so far and they really look good too. I will feel happy when there is no mud to have to stand in or track into the stalls.

We expect this winter to be a bad one........for horses that is. We are trying to get some of our adoptable horses into new homes so that we have some "working" room for horses who will need somewhere to go. This also means we need to put hay away and we hope to be able to put enough away to help feed needy horses in the community.... if the need arises and I am sure it will.
I would like to publicly thank Joe Leitz of Leitz Livestock for his help with good hay at a good price and also the donations he makes to us for our benefits......he has given us hay several times. We love you Joe!

We are trying to help place two TB mares.....youngsters, registered, well bred.......they need a place asap or they are doomed. If you can help...please email me at There is a chestnut and a bay...well built girls.

enjoy the rest of your work week.........mine is over tomorrow and I have the three day weekend that I have come to love and need.

more later.

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