Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday....going to be sunny again

Friday......I love Friday...I don't work on Friday....Okay, I work, but I don't GO to a job, I work at the farm. There is always work to do at the farm. I wonder sometimes if anyone gets caught up on the work at a farm where there are horses? I am thinking NOT.

One of the reasons for not getting ahead on projects is that new projects always seem to pop up. Let's take the french drains we have been working on for know you dig a ditch, put some gravel down, put a pipe in the ditch, cover with some gravel, put some fabric over the top.....then pile the dirt back in.
You admire your work and think you got a lot done. Then several hours later as you are feeding the horses you notice that you did not cover a part of the fabric for some reason, so you go back over there and put more dirt on it. Then the next morning you see that the fabric is sticking up in another area and you get suspicious....and then you look over in another paddock and you see that a certain un-named pony is digging into the dirt, grabbing the fabric and pulling it up.....little ears forward and looking at you the whole time. Then you notice that a huge Holsteiner cannot walk anywhere in his paddock except for making a trail right over the new drain and so HIS fabric is everywhich way and then HIS neighbor horse sees the fabric and he too pulls it up, except he is also a huge horse and when he pulls it up, he PULLS it all up.
extra sigh.
I am now thinking these drains must be done with a backhoe and much deeper.........more dirt on the top or heavier gravel.

Yep, I am becoming an expert on drainage..........I just actually haven't seen it work yet.


Did I also mention the wood part of the fence was painted, looked great and then I noticed chew marks? Nobody chewed on it before it was painted.
Well and then there is my arena fencing. Four by four posts with cyclone fencing and now there are at least four of them leaning......leaning out...why you ask? Because some big horse needs to lean against them, scratch against them, hang out along the fence line to visit other horses and well, big horses tend to loosen posts when they lean.

So you see, I wonder how when I have visited other places and they are pristine pictures of horse leaning posts, no chew marks, no curtain drains with wadded up loose do they do it? 24/7 help?

well, off to farm work. Lots to do today. More hay to order. I need to buy beetpulp.....clean stalls, fix posts (don't I always write that one?) Kimis coming to ride Sully this afternoon.

enjoy your sunny day!

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Drillrider said...

I tried to explain to hubby, when you think horse structures, think "industrial strength". We have a mustang mare (1400 pounds worth) that decided everything makes a good scratching post. Now we have a curve to many of the gate panels and she has pulled the screws out of the wood where the gate is latched.