Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday....sunshine and no gravel

No gravel tractor available and ours is not out of the maintenance shop yet.
No worry as there was plenty to do anyway.
I slept in a little, drank some coffee, chatted with Chelsea on the way down to the barn, then fed everyone. Then I cleaned stalls and picked the gravel paddocks....then headed home to do some computer work.
At noon I headed back to the barn and met my hired workers.
First we unloaded a ton and a half of hay.
Then we built a retaining wall for the small manure pile, got the large tarp folded up and then started on my mom's fence line. She has needed a small fenced in area for her dogs so that she does not have to go outside in the dark or in the rain. So we got all the posts put in and cemented a few. Then I watered the horses and gave them a snack of the new hay. Winston was unimpressd with it....he wants ALFALFA. He paced his paddock for a while and then decided he might be able to choke it down.

I then loaded my mother up in the truck and headed for the feed store. We stopped at Starbucks for a latte then went to look at metal fencing. She chose some black non climb horse fencing which should look good with her orangish pressure treated posts.
Tomorrow I will endeavor to hang the fencing......later in the afternoon!

I fed dinner to the horses about 6 pm and let most of them eat outside because it was still so warm.
The retaining wall looks great and should work like a charm....but one project always brings on another.....
I am going to replace two of the gates with mesh type gates.....much safer know that I am practically paranoid about legs getting stuck in places that they shouldn't! We have two rather long panel type gates and yes, sometimes the boys squabble over gated areas.....pawing and sometimes a well placed kick at a supposed villain.......I don't want leg injuries.
After surveying the gates......I decided that we need to fix the leaning posts on the arena. Yukon pushed on them and rubbed his fat butt on them last year...pushed them out of place where they are listing to the side. Looks tacky I think.....
I also need more fence posts along the forested side of the far paddock.......old rotten posts and some field fencing that I hate. So 13 more posts....

oh.........and railroad ties.......helps to keep gravel in place and provides a deep enough structure to hold it with a proper depth. I still have the three paddocks to gravel in....remember?

We still need to paint the loafing sheds to protect them from weather.....scrub water tubs, cut boards for the inside of stalls (wall repairs) ....most of these horses are big and hard on stalls, doorways and stall doors.

Also time to call the farrier for everyone.

Hey..........much thanks to SAFE BOAT employees who have sponsored Beaver in honor of their boss...........Beaver is proud! He wants his picture taken with ALL of them.

enjoy your weekend!

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