Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday and the weekend is over

Saturday morning.......Pony Up North had three new volunteers who joined the Saturday morning work party.......welcome to Kim, Kelsey and Maia! We got many chores done and worked on some other long term projects. The filly's upper paddock was graveled and re-matted in preparation for winter. Other stalls were graveled outside the stall doors and mats pulled up and leveled out. Every horse was groomed, feet picked and loved on.....even Beaver! We moved hay, cleaned water buckets, cleaned feed buckets and picked paddocks.
We had a short volunteer meeting and made some plans for fundraising at a local storefront who has agreed to let us use their real estate. Now who can say NO to a group of cute and enthusiastic teenage girls? Not me, that is for sure~.

Pony Up South took Gossip and Yukon to the SAFE horse show.....a big thanks to Liz, Chelsea and Cat for handling, grooming, hauling and time spent!

Today is Sunday and I had a very nice woman come and donate supplies to us....some feed, grooming supplies, first aid items, fly spray and lots of miscellaneous items. She recently lost her old horse and so she donated his items to us. A big thank you and also condolences on her loss. It was apparent how much she loved him and misses him. She took the time to groom Hammy as she visited and he was a gracious recipient.....he loves to be groomed and fussed over. Too often Hammy is overlooked by visitors because he is not the prettiest horse....he often has a face that is dirty from his mush and he does not have the most beautiful conformation......but he is always grateful for a pat or a soft brush on his fur. Mrs. Morgan ...thank you for your kindness and is good to know you.

Please keep my mother in your prayers....she has had some ill health and has not been well this weekend....of course she worries and we worry too.........we want her feeling better and stronger.

I am blessed to have such volunteers and associates who work with me. Sometimes a simple thank you never seems enough for the work and effort put in.......but it is so appreciated.

Rio is doing well four days into his new adoption. He has a huge pasture, his own stall.....keep your fingers crossed for him and Briann!

Enjoy your week!

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