Sunday, August 2, 2009

Name that filly! (Better pictures!)

Five dollars buys a chance to NAME THE FILLY!

Go to website, make a paypal donation (tax deductible by the way!) and put in the comment section...filly name=XXXXXX.

You may buy as many chances as you want...the more you buy the higher your name chances. You may also support one of the names that have already been put in the bucket (listed below)
Name will be drawn from the bucket in two weeks!

Here are some pictures I took after her bath today. Okay, my pictures aren't the greatest...I will take more tomorrow with clearer head shots...she is very pretty, tall and so well behaved!

So far names that have been put in the bucket are:



Denali said...

What a beauty!! Do you know her registered name is? Thanks to everyone at PonyUp for all you do for horses!

Pony Up Rescue for Equines said...

Her registered name is Bonnie Weather.
Thanks, we think she is beautiful too!

Denali said...

Aw! from the Fugly blog! She is a beauty! I gave Chelsea 5$ yesterday when I went to visit Yukon and voted for Breeze. Love your rescue! You're all my heros!

Denali said...

Wow! just checked out her pedigree! Amazing! Very similar to my girl's which I why I wondered her reg. name. She's going to make someone an AMAZING mount!!