Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday comes around

Brrrrrrrrrrr....cold and rainy...with the weather forecast calling for some snow. Not even Thanksgiving...I am not ready for snow.
The week has been busy as we prepare for the fundraiser/auction dinner. We have a big guest list and we are very excited to see and greet everyone! RSVPs were due yesterday and I believe we have a full house!
We have a load of auction items and we are very grateful to our vendors and friends for donations of goods and services.
We would like to thank:

Nina Lyman
Mrs. Pastures
West Bay Auto Parts
NJ Collins
Susy Price
Ryan Bolen (wait until you see his auction item!)
Minders Meats
North Coast Electric
Melody Miller
Beth Anderson Ness
Fred Meyer
Brenda Armstrong
Carmen Farver
Second Wind Coffee
The Darmer Family
Baxter's Horse Cookies
Olsons Tack Shop
The Gift Horse
Chinook Electric Partnership
Cliff and Tina Hansen
Peninsula Equine (Dr. Julie Page)
The Stiffey Family
Jax Salon
A Sound Massage

Louie and Jones broke out during the windstorm we had last midnight I went to the barn, after my mom called me and said "horses were on her porch!" Yikes!
In my jammies, glasses and rubber boots I raced to the farm and found Louie and Jones milling around my mom's back porch.....apparently waiting for treats. They came right to me and I lead them up and put them back......then fixed the gate that they broke down. After the adrenaline rush, I could not sleep I stayed up....mistake...I was so tired the next day at work. Hard to keep my peepers open.

We made a great video of the Past and Present Pony UP horses...not sure how to share such a large file yet, but I hope to put it up soon.

Our website is down and we are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Our next big project is a new tack room. We are so compromised on space. Our old tack room will become our feed room and then we will have more room for hay in the barn. Always a new project coming along.

I visited the Humane Society yesterday, looking for my cat....I didn't find him but I did see so many lovely cats......big ones, little ones , older ones and busy, busy kittens! The Kitsap Humane Society is overloaded with cats.....if you have room in your house and heart......go and adopt a cat today! There were about three cats that were twenty pounds or better.....HUGE. I am pretty sure my cat is not coming has been over two weeks. I think it was coyotes.... he ran outside and I couldn't catch him....and off into our ten acres he went.....end of story. The coyotes are very brave and we see them in the yard frequently. Our cat was a house cat and never stayed mistake and we lose him.

I am off to do errands and then I have to go to work for a while.

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow:

It's in the bag~!

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