Saturday, November 6, 2010

So long Saturday

I am late in my blogging busy, as usual.

We had some beautiful weather this past week and we were grateful for the dry out time! It was seventy degrees here on Wednesday and I took all blankets off for the day and night. Normally the blankets would be on for good about now. Go figure how the weather will fare this winter season...I have no clue...but I hate snow, so it can definitely stay away.

Friday we got a good cleaning done, Mary and I. It is always fun to gab and clean...makes it go so much faster. The past few Fridays I have had to work and so my chore time is limited, this Friday was no different.

This morning we got a lot of things done.............YAY! The automatic gate opener is now functional and it works great! Thank you Alex and Ryan! We had a new volunteer for the morning.......welcome Caryn! (yes, another Car-ryn)...and guess what...this Caryn adopted our bunny!!! Susy and I also got the summer plants put up, made a new flower bed, cleaned the chicken house, cleaned all paddocks and water tubs....groomed the ponies, groomed Tarbaby and Church, got the barn aisle swept, loaded up the garbage from the new barn and some from the old Zenyatta run, went to check out an RV and got coffee! We always have fun on least I do.

We now have an RV for a caretaker to live exciting. Thirty two feet long, bathroom and we are looking for a caretaker to live at the farm. If you know someone looking, send them to us?

The grass is growing in the furloughed paddocks and we should have nice grazing come spring and summer....we have put about a million pounds of grass seed down so we should have something...LOL. We also got some sand (thanks to Susie) in the arena, although we will need more.......the horses are enjoying rolling in it and just standing in it...who knew it could make them so happy?

Tomorrow I hope to go for a trail ride and relax a little. My friend Kathy has invited me and I have in turn invited Louie. Louie is a horse, of course...a big fat TB....and he needs the exercise....ok, so do I.

My house cat is missing since this morning, he got out around 6 am when I let the dogs out, ran away from me and I haven't seen him since. I fear the worst. We have coyotes. We have let him out a little bit during the summer but he never stays out. I hope he can come back.

It rained hard this afternoon and reminded me to get a new raincoat and rubber boots.
You would think I might own several pairs of boots and several jackets, but I never have enough.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

Beware of smiling strangers today.

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