Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday morning, coming down

Snow is falling. Chores are done..water pipes wrapped, extra food put out for birds, horses have lots of hay to munch this afternoon, hoses drained....I guess I am ready.
I am not a snow fan and it will be alright if it comes and goes quickly....although I will enjoy the scenery of snow on trees and undisturbed fields.

We had our fundraiser/auction last night. It was a lot of friends, old friends, lots of auction items, reasonble prices....great food! Mr. Williams, what a suprise to see you.

I would like to thank all the folks who donated items, my volunteers who donated time and effort, Trophy Lake for the use of the room (they did not charge us!) and of course all the folks who kept their RSVP's! I hope everyone found something that they wanted! I know I did. Thank you to the Darmer family for the donation of hay, thank you to Gail Baker for "Harriet's Bench"...we will treasure it! Thank you to Don for being our impromptu auctioneer! Susy, Caryn, Ryan, Milo, Kaydee, Rebecca, Sharon and BRENDA....(edited because I failed to mention Brenda!!!)...I couldn't have done this without you!

If anyone would like a copy of the Pony UP Video that was shown, we would be glad to copy one for you and mail it or you can come and pick it up. We will charge one dollar for each CD, plus mailing costs if applicable.

All proceeds from last night's fundraiser will be used to feed the Pony Up horses through the winter. We run through about two ton of hay per month (we have a lot of BIG horses with BIG appetites). We also use a lot of stall pellets and we try to buy damaged bags when we can. We feed senior grain, beet pulp, rice bran and alfalfa pellets to most horses...except air fern ponies. Every horse has his/her own diet according to age and physical need. For instance Tarbaby cannot eat much hay, so he gets senior grain, hay pellets, rice bran and beet pulp twice a day to keep his weight up where it should be.

The sky is getting progressively grayer as I write this......looks like it might really come down! Yikes.

I am off to do my own house chores this afternoon.....enjoy your quiet Sunday afternoon. I have this whole week off and plan to catch up on the things I never get done...dr/dentist, shopping....friends.....

Pony UP Fortune for tomorrow:

Eyes wide open........mouth shut.

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