Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday....hear the wind?

I love the wind. I love to watch it blow the leaves in mini tornadoes and then send them skipping off in all directions. Fall is here. No more glimpses of summer weather, no more picture perfect sunsets....but perhaps snow and ice with brilliant blue skies. I am not much of a snow person, but I do appreciate the beauty of undisturbed snow in a field or snowcapped trees...I just do not like to drive in it.

Last weekend we worked hard around the farm and got even more winterized.....more lights outside to keep the dark at bay while we clean. Horses groomed, blankets arranged, hay delivered, buckets scrubbed, garbage emptied. I must say the new lights are much easier to see the bears who might get me! Even the chickens stayed out later to scratch around under the lights. Thank you Ryan for your time and was a long day.

We have been working hard on our auction items and we have some great things to offer......some horse type items, tack, artwork, dog baskets, coffee baskets, kids basket, cat basket, Christmas basket, spa basket, hair service certificate, vet certificates, hay, beaded brow band with matching stock pin, dressage lessons from two instructors, original artwork signed by the artist, Christmas ornaments, horse cookies, saddle fittings.........wowie! We are blessed to have such great supporters...thank you. Now come and have dinner and Christmas shop with us! All proceeds will go to support Pony UP Rescue for Equines.

Pony UP fortune for tomorrow:

It isn't perfect, but it will get you by.

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