Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Morning Monday

It is five thirty a.m. A steady rhythm of rain is pounding the roof and it is cold. I am not looking forward to getting wet before I go to my "real" job. I shudder to think that we probably have six more months of this..maybe longer if the year is like the last. Remember it was winter right up until about July 7th? I can hardly remember dry paddocks and what they look like.

It was a busy weekend at Pony UP. Saturday, we worked in the rain.....Susy, Sarah, Alex, Ryan, Aspen and paddocks and moving gravel. A long wet day. Ryan and I later went and got six stall mats to put over fresh gravel...we got the nubby stall mats that are anti slip. All paddocks have mats now. I took the boys to Mexican turn to treat the girls next week.

Yesterday, Sunday, we had a lovely morning of sun and I took blankets off until mid afternoon when the clouds returned. Bronte helped in the morning and learned how to soak Tarbaby's feet. Everybody's weight looks good, coats are glossy......and Louie is FAT. We got it figured out why Louie is fat. Louie shares a paddock with Jones. Jones is the boss we thought. Jones gets grain. Louie doesn't. Jones protects his grain with evil looks and raised hind legs, which seemed be be successful......until we leave and Louie very quietly and non threateningly worms his way into Jones stall ...then quietly takes turns eating the grain with Jones. Time to move horses pasture Louie's diet can work. Louie is a very nice horse, we all love him but we don't want him to be so fat.

I actually bought a western saddle for Louie and I am going to start taking him on trails with Caryn and our friend Kathy......and whomever else wants to join us. I need someone to take Jones on the trail. Any volunteers? How about you Kari L?
Banner forest, here we come. The Pony Up posse! We are looking for one more western saddle with a WIDE tree.

I work five days again this week and then next week go back to my normal schedule. I hate to work my regular job on Fridays because I get behind schedule at the barns. I still have work to be done at the new barn........gravel, garbage run....replace light bulbs.....hogsfuel....... okay, don't get me started....I have a mental list going already.

I watched this fascinating program on crows (I love crows).....and now I love them even more. Did you know they were as smart as an ape? The U of W has a program which is studying crows, they filmed a lot of their research and made this documentary. Crows not only can use tools, but they can make tools to smart is that? They also remember faces and places for over two this study. If you get a it. Called "A Murder of Crows" ...

Off to do a load of laundry, shower, feed dogs........find a hat to wear in this rain......where is my list?

Please remember to reserve your tickets to the Pony Up Fall Fundraiser! 28 dollars now, 30 dollars at the door. November 20th, 2010. You still need a reservation if you are going to pay at the door!...we only have so much room. Please join us.
The fundraiser is going to be held at Trophy Lake Golf Club, in Port Orchard...6pm.
If you have an item to donate to our auction, please contact us........if you want to donate a dessert for the dessert auction........let us know!

Enjoy your day!

Pony Up fortune for today:

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