Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am behind in my blogging duties!

Saturday evening and I am behind in my blogging duties!

I am trying to write this while I fend off two cats who want to eat the salmon off of my plate.......we just barbeque'd and I am eating my very tasty salmon but there are two cats who think they deserve at least a little of the feast!

Let's see.........this week I have lunged Sully, in saddle and bridle, lunged him over scary silver tarps and walked him through brush. He is pretty non plussed about everything and pretty willing to do what you ask. The tarp is simply no big deal. My dressage saddle does not fit him but was okay for lungeing.......I also need to get him a smaller headstall, as my warmblood sized bridles will simply not do for his petite head. Anyway, he is a little superstar and will make someone a very nice mount.

This morning we unloaded hay, moved stall mats (no easy feat!).......met a new volunteer (we will see if she comes back) and then we got Rio out and saddled.....then lunged him, then Briann, my trusty assistant got on him and we practiced walk/trot........he was VERY GOOD! and Briann was great! Thanks Briann!

Hammy is not eating hay very well. Probably time to get his teeth done. His weight, although not optimum is better and I think he might eat better with his teeth floated. He is eating his beet pulp and oats with supplements three times a day. I recently added probiotics for an added boost. I may also have some blood tests run to see what we can see.

Saturday night and we watch movies. I am hoping "Taken" is on......I have been wanting to see it for a while.

The Stiffeys brought us six stall mats........the big ones! This morning we installed them in one of the newest loafing sheds.........picture perfect! Darlene, Page and I lugged them out to the new shed and then cut them. Where are those male well muscled volunteers when you need them?

Beaver escaped every day and sometimes several times a day for about five days straight. He is not scared of electric fence. His philosophy is that you should approach such a fence with a high rate of speed and then just bust through only hurts for a second. He made his way in with Rio and Ollie, then busted through another paddock and through one more until he got over to Winston. Winston was upset.....and kicked out.........but Beaver got the upper hand and had the Noble shelter to himself. I locked him in a stall for two days because the trip home from work to put him in was getting old....very old. Eventually I moved some fencing down lower and attached it more permanently..........and made him touch it....(OUCH)......he has now stayed in for a record three days.

Michael Jackson is gone..........hmmm........well, I hope he can rest in peace. I met Michael Jackson in Hong Kong in 1988.......had my picture taken with him......I got some autographs and his photographer wanted to take me out on the town in Hong Kong but the group I was with thought that was a BAD idea and would not allow we had a few drinks in the Hong Kong Hotel and talked about Michael.......he was not quite so weird in 1988......anyway......that is my little window of fame in a nutshell.

Work that needs to be done........

rocks picked from the arena.
stall mats put in Sully's new shed.
hotwire fencing for Beaver's new area.
gravel in paddocks.
stall mats repositioned in Winston's paddock.
grass seed put down.
move chicken house up by barn.
wood fence posts put in big paddock to replace old rotten fence posts.
fields dragged.
Rio needs shoes.

enjoy your Saturday evening!

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