Thursday, July 23, 2009


Simon was layed to rest yesterday morning.

He had a good last few months and in the end we hope we made a good difference in his life, if only for the last part of it.

Simon is part of a sad story about a man growing old and sick.....and not having anywhere to turn with or for his beloved horses. Eventually the man died and even though family and friends promised to take care of his horses...they simply couldn't or wouldn't. A tragedy really. These horses suffered almost a whole year and if it weren't for kind and caring neighbors, they may have died.

It stops and makes me think about what would happen to my horses if I died or became very sick. I have often told my family to euthanize my horses if I died and I stick by that. It sounds anti rescue...almost anti horse, doesn't it? But the reality is that I have horses with issues...horses who may be dangerous in the wrong hands...horses with large vet bills, large appetites....and I never want to spend a waking moment wondering if they would ever get into the wrong hands or starved or slaughtered.

The story of the three Arabians made it hit home. That could have been could have been you.

However you personally feel,...make plans, issue statements...let people know what you want...make arrangements. Be proactive.


I have an evening ritual of feeding each horse a carrot before I leave the farm. It serves a good purpose...I have a good visual of each horse before I leave. Are they feeling okay? Did they eat the carrot with their usual gusto? Did they clean up their grain and are they working on their hay? Is the water tub full and clean?

It allows me to leave with a clear conscience.

We need to raise three hundred dollars for Hammy next doctor visit. We need to know if there is something we can do for his jaw and we need a specific x-ray. Please email me with ideas for wash? bake sale? stand outside Starbucks and beg? LOL...just kidding.

I got a lot done today. I finally after a year, got my office put together, desk, phone, looks nice. I had used the space for storage for the last year. It was fun going through boxes, old photos...I gave some stuff to The Goodwill and threw some stuff out.

We have a tractor coming this weekend to drill fence post holes...for free! Now we have to get posts and another gate. The place is coming along...I thank everyone for their help and efforts!

Saturday we have a new volunteer coming to help us. We look forward to meeting her. Her name is Maia. (my-ya)

Welcome Maia!

please, please help us get the forum going...we have lots of members but is everyone too shy to post? It should be a meeting, questions, announcements...come on...step out of the shadows!

Life is short~love hard!

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Drillrider said...

If you have a Papa Murphy's pizza in your area they have a great fundraiser. You sell coupons that are the size of a business card for $5/each. They cost your organization only $1/each. Good coupons, easy to sell and SMALL to transport, distribute, etc.