Saturday, July 18, 2009

Very Hot Saturday

Cool and overcast ......very still and quiet.....I enjoyed the coolness when I stepped out with my dogs and coffee very early this morning. Our house is right in the middle of a large wooded area and there is always something to see or hear. The dogs look around for just the right place and rabbits freeze on the spot........dogs are oblivious and go right past them, and then the rabbits disappear into the brush soundlessly. We had a bear in the backyard several days ago. He was checking out the koi pond.

On to the barn for morning chores.

The pain medication for Hammy seemed to work as he ate better this morning. He will now get a complete mush three times a day. Beet pulp, senior grain, alfalfa pellets and all of the supplements we give him. Keep your fingers crossed.

My best girl volunteers came and they picked paddocks and helped clean up. I got some good pictures which I will post later. We also cleaned up around the barn and in the barn. Place looks awesome!

On to riding chores.......Briann tacked up Rio and we took him up to the arena, where we worked him on the lunge line, then had Briann get on him. Brianne has perfect riding was still cool so we didn't have to work in the heat.

Then.......drum roll please..............

We got Sully out and I put an old jump saddle on him, and IT FIT!!!! So we lunged him both directions and over/around the tarp and trot poles..........

then.......drum roll..............

I had Briann get on him and we walked the perimeter of the arena!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was a little super star and maybe.......just a little on the lazy side. He was unfazed by the constant clanging of the fence (provided by a jealous pony named Beaver)

So we had a successful morning.......

done by noon and everyone went off to their regular chores.

Great job Briann!

pictures camera battery died and I was unable to take pictures........but one of my bestest volunteers took pictures of our riding events!

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