Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sunday morning......up early and off to the barn. I have dog obedience later in Maple Valley and need to take off around nine thirty. It is another glorious day.....promises to be hot like the day before and so we get water tubs filled to the brim, stalls cleaned, chickens fed and barn swept.

I didn't post my pictures of our "bestest" here they are....hands dirty and boots on......Page, Darlene and Sharon. Love them all. They work so hard for Pony Up!

My dog and I did not get kicked out of dog obedience this morning.....even though it seemed possible. He just could not get and I could just not teach him the "down" command.......but we did finally master it and moved on to "stay".....huge sigh of relief! It would have been so embarrassing to get kicked out of basic obedience.

I never did post a picture of my new dog ...the Labrador. Her name is Baylee and she is shown here in my overstuffed chair. No, we don't allow the dogs on the furniture.....unless it is a picture opportunity! Don't ask me about cats on the counter.....some of you may not like the answer...and then there is the thermometer....well, basically you always want to wipe it down with alcohol or perhaps just buy a new one.....because you just never know where it has been, if you know what I mean?

Hammy feels much better today and ate well......we fed him four times today. You can't fault us for trying.......the poor guy needs all the calories he can get and them some. I wish someone had done something for him years ago, it might have made such a difference to his ability to gain weight and maintain it.

We have several projects lined up at the barn........painting, fencing, manicures.......the list goes on and on. C'mon over and help us.........we will barbeque for you!

enjoy your week!

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