Monday, July 27, 2009's a girl

It is a hot and still humid Monday evening. Gee...I hate to complain about nice weather but good golly it is just TOO HOT for me. Too hot to work outside, too hot to work horses...just plain hot! I have decided I cannot live in Arizona or New Mexico or Southern California or any place that gets this hot routinely. I am a cold weather/rain girl....period. Hot is for exotic vacation destinations and this is not it.

Chelsea and I picked up a new resident today...a beautiful three year old filly from the track...she is something! Very easy to handle, loaded and hauled beautifully. We got her home and she settled right in with my crew of nonsense, no fuss...we love her. She has a track name but we aren't completely satisfied with how it fits her, so she needs a call name. We are "selling" chances to put your name suggestion in the bucket and we will draw a name. See the forum for the details...Five dollars a shot and all proceeds go to support the horses, of course!

Pictures of the filly will be posted tomorrow on the blog, so you can see for yourself and put a name in the hat.

I have some time off from my regular job and so I have a lot of time to get some chores done around the barn and around my house. I did some gardening early this morning before it got hot. I found about ten frogs in and around my small pond. This is a new construction project and I have yet to get the waterfall portion of it going...the pond water is warm with this weather and I noticed I had a lot of tadpoles...which is weird because I thought we got tadpoles only in the spring?

I bathed Hamilton late this afternoon. The heat seems to be really bad for him, he sweats a lot even though I have moved him into the barn. He stands in his stall in the heat of the day, but still sweats profusely. He stood stock still for his bath, unlike some, um, other Thoroughbreds who live there...who shall remain nameless.
Although Hamilton ate well this morning, he did not eat well this evening. I gave him pain medication. His condition is perplexing and concerning. I checked on him around ten this evening and he seemed in better spirits. The pain medication has had time to kick in of we will see how he is in the morning.

Sully had fly spray put on him and his very own fly mask this morning and he was a trooper. The fly spray was initially thought to be "horse vampires" in a bottle, but he settled and took it like a man horse as we continued to spray legs, belly and tail. We have these really serious BITING fly things that leave big welts on the horses...I have never seen such bug bites.

Time to buy hay again. Looking for something with some alf/grass combination or just some great timothy. We will see what our regular hay man has or if we have to go looking. I see some great deals in Eastern maybe we will have to take a road trip.

I swear I cannot go to the store during the day. Each time I go, I see that some idiot has left his/her dog in the car! What are people thinking? I want to sit them in the car in a fur coat and roll the windows up and see how long they can take it.

Inevitably, when I see a dog in the car, I make a fuss...okay, I make a HUGE fuss...I get the plate paged over the intercom at the store, then I call 911. I don't care anymore. This is a crime. Heat kills and it kills quickly...and it is a horrible death. Leaving a note on the car does nothing for the must act fast. Please do not mind your own business in these instances...get involved and make a stink. I figure me, it is worth even being I take the risk and make a scene each time I come across a dog in a hot car.

Okay, so think of a name...put your money in the hat and name that filly!

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