Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday and here we are again......a full week ahead of us

I love to read TB friends most every day and it always inspires me. Make me want to do more and have a bigger place on a grander scale......and then I try to think about how to do more and it nearly always involves more money, time and effort...then throw in some more money.

Horses are expensive.......they eat a lot, they see the vet regularly and sick horses see the vet more than regularly.......they have to see the shoer every six weeks. some need supplements and medications, some need extra grain and corn oil to keep weight on.......their homes need maintenance and oh, did I say they ate a lot?

Although it is July, I know fall and winter are hiding around the corner.......fall and winter bring cold, rain, mud.....frozen water tanks, trashier stalls for those who do not like the outdoors. We will need to buy stall pellets or shavings.....Stalls and manure will take more time, more planning for where to dump and how to dispose of it. Horse hooves require more attention and need a place to dry off. Paddocks need mud management, gravel, road fabric or they become a quagmire, a haven for mud fever, thrush, pulled tendons.......we HATE MUD. Hay needs to be stored, somewhere dry and with some air movement around it. So we try to plan ahead......

Planning, planning......and more.

So how do we move ahead? We publicize and fund raise........we ask for volunteers who love horses like we do. Volunteers who do not get paid for working in the cold, or for giving up private life time......their only payment is the feeling they get when horse lips brush the napes of their necks or when a horse perks up and calls to them when they arrive at the farm. Horses have favorites you know....yes, it is true....ask Hammy who he looks for and he will tell you he looks for my matter that I feed him or Page feeds him in the morning ...he only has eyes for my mother. Go figure.

Fund raising is critical for what we do.....and we like to put the "fun" in fund raising. We would like to hear your thoughts on what YOU would like to see or how YOU would like to see it done.

We are a 501C3 organization and we can offer tax deductions for any donations of cash, goods or services rendered to us.

Something that can help us out is the donation of goods that we can use on the farm.

Our list reads something like this:

Working tractor...will help to move manure piles, clean paddocks, smooth arena footing
wood fence posts 7 or 8 foot...safest choice for perimeter fencing
stall mats (used is great) gives horses a dry place to stand
gravel (5/8" minus or 3/4" minus) this helps to keep mud out of paddocks and as a base for under stall mats
sand (reject sand is okay or builders sand) horses with sore feet have an easier time standing on sand
plywood 4 x 8 sheets (used is great) horses chew and kick through stall walls
portable shelter (Noble or Behlen) (used is great) extra housing is necessary for emergency care/hay storage/pellet and feed storage
horse vitamins and supplements (ill horses usually need supplements to get healthy)
hay (round bales of alfalfa or timothy or orchard grass) currently our horses eat two ton of hay a month.
post hole diggers (used is great) We always have fence repair needs
dump trailer or dump truck(small) used is great) This will enable us to haul manure off the farm/deliver to customers seeking compost
round pen panels (again, used is great) this helps to make a moveable paddock or for horses who do not respect hot wire fencing
corn oil (one to five gallon containers) helps ill or emaciated horses gain weight without carb overload

Also interested in liveable travel trailer (for farm hand) and small used SUV for farm chores (like Isuzu Rodeo, Honda Passport, Chevy S10 Blazer...something with hatchback..must be driveable/useable for farmhand/ and volunteers)
Housing for a farmhand will help us to help the horses and also help an individual with a place to live and a skill to learn. It is surprising to find out who needs help in these times.....

If you have something you would like to donate, please just email us.......we are glad to pick items up.

We can also take items which can be auctioned off at fundraisers or silent auctions.

Jewelry, paintings, tack, gift certificates, training packages, dog items, wines, you name it.. etc.........we have had many fine items donated which we have auctioned off in previous years.

We cannot help horses without YOU!

enjoy the rest of your week!

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