Saturday, March 6, 2010

Early Saturday

I am supposed to be sleeping in.......but I first got up at 4;30 am to let the dogs out.........then again at 6:30 because it was so light outside. Lots to do today as usual for a Saturday and the day should be sunny and warm.

I took Vinnie to the racetrack yesterday. I cried a little when I loaded him on the horse transport. He loaded right up and traveled like a trooper....such good manners.........I am going to miss him. He should be at his new home on Sunday, after a brief layover today. I hope she is going to love him as much as I do.

I came back to the farm and Mary was there cleaning paddocks. I took everyone's blankets off so they could sunbathe. I switched horses around and had to mend a fence (due to MARES).........then I curried Sophie, banged her tail and cut her wispy mismatched mane. She was umimpressed......kicked at me several times. Oh boy. Today she really has to be bathed so that her skin can heal. She has been in raging heat since she got here and her hind legs are a mess too. She even has rain rot on her ears.

I put Breeze in Vinnie's paddock and it is the first paddock you come she gets lots of attention there and she will like it better I think.

I went out to watch my horse Winston at the trainer's barn and he remains a superstar. Everyone loves him (including me) and his workouts have been fabulous. I rinsed him off afterward and walked him in the sun. I miss him.....he is such a big clown.

I stopped at the feed store for grain, de-wormer and dog food.......Sophie and the new TB filly will need to be de-wormed today.
The weather is so unseasonably warm, I will need to start thinking about flies. I like to use the "fly predators" on the manure piles and hang fly traps. I am not big on spray.........I am allergic to a lot of it and it seems so toxic........ aren't we toxic enough?

Pete the peacock thinks it is spring. He has been giving a show of his tail to the hens...........he shakes it and struts.........and he admires himself in the diamond plate of my horse I have said numerous times......he doesn't seem to be going home, wherever home is, anytime soon. I think he owns us.

The little sparrow is back at my glass doors........not sure if it is actually the same one.......but he/she acts the same.........flying up to the window, perching on the wooden chair, bring scraps of bugs.......the cats are enthralled as it is right next to their cat tree.

Well, I am off to shower and then to the barn.

Enjoy your day.

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