Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winsome Wednesday

I don't know why I ever attempt to wear a white shirt. Black is my favorite color, I rarely wear anything other color and for many years my license plate read "Widow".........but every once in a while I think , "well it is spring" or "it is summer" and so I break out the "white".....or "red".......but today I wore white and I immediately knew why I shouldn't have.
I drive to the barn and let the chickens out.......feed the cats.....I am careful with the wet catfood.......I don't get a drop on me. I then put a barn jacket on so that I don't get my pretty white shirt dirty. Right. I go to give Church his hay and he grabs and then pushes the hay .........right into my face and of course hay goes down my shirt......inside my bra and I have hay all over my hair. Hmm. least hay is not dirty...I can shake it out later. Did I mention I am allergic to hay? I finish feeding hay......then I have to take blankets off because the day promises to be warm. I still have my jacket on. By the time I reach horse number 5, I am too warm and my body is threatening to sweat. Off comes the coat and NOW I must be really careful. Me and four more horses........and I have a white shirt on. STUPID. I was stupid to think I could/can pull this off.
I am so careful....I hold the blankets in my fingers and keep them away from me.......until Max decides to turn around and push his giant rump into me. I suspect dirt right away.......and yes, there is some on my arm. It might brush off? who knows?.
You know I haven't fed grain yet. know what is coming.
You know I feed wet grain.
You know they are all hogs........they slurp and they slop.
I am never going to make it to work in a clean white shirt....never
I give shirt will be dirty........I may have to keep my work jacket on.........I may have to wet and scrub a spot or two.......
such is life.

The weather was awesome today. It was seventy degrees.......and I did have to take my jacket off.
This is the weather when you take horse blankets off and you put horse blankets back on.........too chilly at night and too warm during the day. I am a maniac during this I leave them off, put them on? Will it rain during the day? Another month and I will relax.

A chicken hawk came and grabbed one of my hens.........but she got away. She is banged up and limping......I kept her in the barn for two days and today she is much better. You should see these chicken small as the banty hen, but as vicious as Jack the Ripper.........they come in fast, knock the chicken down and then rip it's throat out........unless you hit them with the broom and I do, if I can get there in time. Those little guys are fast.
We are playing a little game of chicken survivor on the farm.........its either eagles, chicken hawks, or coyotes........on any given day.

Breeze is spoken for and should leave around the second week of April. Someone is getting a very nice filly..........we will announce it later.

The tractor broke a hydraulic hose and so we are tractorless at the moment, but should be fixed by the weekend. I know nothing about tractor repair or hydraulics.......I just know when it is not working. Most of the manure pile is gone from our weekend customers and we are appreciative. One guy was concerned that the manure would all be gone, but I informed him that the manufacturing plant worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week........and doesn't even stop on holidays. He was relieved.

I have a very loud frog chorus out the back door again........clear rain. Let's hope it lasts until next week.

Thank you to Kathleen for the flower was nice to chat with you. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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