Saturday, March 27, 2010

Freedom Friday

Friday comes and I have the whole day to myself....but still have things to do.
Breeze goes to the vet today so that we can determine her lameness........stalls to clean, paddocks to clean, horses to groom.
Mary comes and helps me with paddocks......such a nice lady who gives up her time for us.
I take Breeze out and groom her. She stands like a princess. Her mane is long and I think about cutting it...but I don't have time to do a proper job and I don't want her to look like she has a "home haircut" know, the kind your mom gave you as a kid? Yes, THAT one.
I pick her feet, run a finish brush over her......and voila, we are done.
I haven't loaded her in the trailer for a long time, so I think I better get started, so we don't have zero time to get there.
She loads right up. I love this horse. No screaming, no fuss, she just gets in and off we go.
I get there and we must wait while the vet finishes with some other clients.
Breeze paws.
I bark at her to stop.
She stops.
Then she starts.
I open the window.
She stops.
Then she starts.
I bark again.
She has had enough.
Okay, she has been pretty good.
I get her out and walk her around.
She is screaming.....just looking.
She stops to pee.
The wind comes up.
I clench the leadrope tightly.
She is fine.
She SCREAMS for the nearby geldings.
They ignore her. They see horses all day.....yawn......
The vet comes over.
We talk about Breeze, discuss the lameness.
I walk her.
I trot her......and she begins to morph into a young TB filly........puffs up.......throws her head........screams.........I bark at her.
"can you go the other way?" the vet says.
Yes......and off we go.
Okay all done.......let's examine the leg....
hmmmm, did you see this little puffy spot?
right here.
Ok, Yeah , I see it.
It is the left hock.
or it used to be called a "curb".
Too much exertion.
Let's see, can this be caused by a filly running and kicking her left leg up over her head or by a filly who stands and kicks at the boys at the fenceline like an automatic weapon?
Stall rest, cortisteriods, shock wave kicking.
oh boy.
The track would probably blister it. (We won't)
Okay, well, there goes an adoption.......sigh. But we are glad to know and glad to tell the prospective adopter because we are honest and truthful.......but still it is disappointing.
Back in the trailer.
Loads like a dream.
Rides quietly.........
unloads like a champ.
Back in with Promise, who is so glad to see her. Promise loves her and Breeze is her security blanket.

More work.
I "power pack" de-worm TarBaby, Breeze, Promise, and Mercy. I know that Promise is loaded......bad hair, poor weight......coarse and long hair. Mercy probably is too. I take no chances with Breeze because she is now sharing a paddock with Promise.
I will order fly predators next week.

The weather turns to sun in the afternoon and I take my mom to Strohs and then we run a few errands. I buy some plants.........(the sun made me do it) I love these plants called Corral Bells and I must have a million of them around.

We have a banty who is setting on eggs. I cannot find her. Hmmm. I try to stop this when it happens.....we might have to have a search party today to find her.

Well, I am late.......gotta get running..........

enjoy your Saturday.

Pony Up fortune for today:

Expect an unexpected surprise and be delighted!

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