Monday, January 4, 2010

more on Monday

Jake is holding his own. A little perkier today. He was too warm in his new blanket and got a little sweaty, so Kim took his blanket off for a few minutes and oh, he was so glad. We replaced it with a lighter weight blanket. He ate good today and was adamant about getting his grain/beetpulp/bran this evening. ....he even opened his own gate and was making his own way towards the grain buckets when he was apprehended. Ummm....Kim says I spoil him.......and so I asked her why he had extra cut up apples in his grain? another carrot later on.......seems like we have a like mind.

Thanks for the notes, the prayers, the jingling......we couldn't do this without you.

So commences my busy week. A lot of catch up tomorrow and then Wednesday, my mom has surgery. Such a worry.

It rained and rained all day, relentlessly......I wore a hat this morning to feed and this evening it was the same deal..........RAIN. Paddocks soaked.........gutters full, .......spring where are you?

Yesterday, while Kim and I were installing the water heater (thank you Berglunds!)......a hawk came down and took one of our chickens....and of course he killed him and ate him. Nothing we could do. Chicken dinner on Sundays at Pony Up...just select your own. Well, I guess the hawk has to make a living too..........I don't blame him...but it is unpleasant business....and there are other farms down the road with BIGGER chickens.......and how about a nice peacock?
Chicken hawks.......not peacock hawks........hmm.

Listened to the radio this was dark, rainy and blustery.........perfect for listening to "The Wreck of the Edmonds Fitzgerald." Ever listen to the words? Ever wish you could write them just like that........I mean if you HAD to write a song about a ship.......wouldn't you want it to be lyrical and rhyming? LOL.

The filly has now lost two teeth and has two more loose and wobbly ones. She is busily chewing everything in sight........and rinses her mouth in the cold water of her tub. She was quite happy to allow me to grab on the loose ones and wiggle them...but they are not loose enough to easily dislodge. I think she would really like them out. Perhaps tomorrow......

Pony Up fortune for tomorrow

It is not who you know on a day like today, but rather who knows you.


Drillrider said...

I am so happy Jake is feeling better!

My mare recently cut her leg, so I searched for articles about wound care and found this:

I've printed it out and will keep it in my horse first aid kit. Last year I made a first aid kit and I can't tell you how "handy" that thing has been!!! LOVE IT!

Jim said...

YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY Jake!!!!! I have been praying for you, buddy thanks to all who work hard to keep these babies safe!!!